Saturday, August 24, 2013

'Harper Government' - Up In Smoke?

We see parts of things, we intuit whole things.
Iris Murdoch, Metaphysics As A Guide To Morals, p. 1

It was a week of smoke here in Canada, in the deepest dog days of summer. Usually the hits to the blog drop off to nothing at this time of year, but not this year. The Oracle of Ottawa is somewhat miffed by the whole thing, as it is cutting into my deep baseball binges. But yet it was another week of discovery, the thinking about thinking project is totally out of control. Now facts and realities are revealing themselves to the Oracle of Ottawa with out any effort at all.

Lac-Megantic - Conservative Smoke...

This week, the reality of smoke reared its ugly head. The discovery that presented itself was that political ideologies create their own real, physical smoke! And of course, where there is smoke there is usually fire. It all got going when Steve Harper of the 'Harper Government' announced that the fall sitting of Parliament was going to be somewhat late this year. But what did you expect Dear Reader? Did you actually think that the scum of the 'Harper Government' would actually show up and take it like a man? Did you actually think that they would risk having to admit that they could have possibly have been wrong on  about a dozen or two beliefs?
Mini-Me Paradis...

That fire bombing of that small town in the Province of Quebec, Lac-Megantic was the stake through the heart of the Chicago School experiment of the 'Harper Government'.  And that it was the present seat of the "Harper Government's Minister of Industry, one Christian "Mini-Me" Paradis is serious proof to the Oracle of Ottawa that there really is a God. Talk about getting shagged by Doctor Evil! Why the invisible hand of unregulated tooth and claw capitalism burned so bright, that it was picked up by American Spy satellites! As the fire storm took up media time all around the world for days and days we all now know the smoke of Conservative Party of Canada ideology, don't we?

Liberal Smoke...

With the prorogation of Parliament will be the death of many of the 'Harper Government's most cherished and Canada killing bills that it ruthlessly forced through the House, damn Reason, full speed ahead. They will all die on the order paper, this is called the silver lining in your undergraduate textbooks of political science.  Most of the next session will be filled with votes of confidence, and with all the abandoned Conservatives crawling out from under the bus, like a herd of very pissed zombies, it is really going to be high entertainment.

Justin Trudeau - Cumming Soon...

Meanwhile out west in British Columbia the young next one, Justin Trudeau, was on summer vacation with the wife and kids. Then there was that press conference about legalizing cannabis at the first opportunity of the next Trudeau Liberal Government. When the Oracle of Ottawa saw the footage on the local vulgar old style media he could literally feel the the youngsters poll numbers rising. Back in Ottawa there was full and guarded accounting of pot smoking experiences of youth. The Prime Minister had to bullshit the media, by admitting that he tried it a few times, which the Oracle of Ottawa has on good authority is a total lie, but one cannot appear to be un-hip can one? 

All in, everything is unfolding as it should, just like old Pierre Trudeau said many years ago. The young Justin is rolling another Jamaican jumbo blunt and is preparing to make some more babies with the comely Sophie. It is very important when you are the First Lady of Canada that there are lots of attractive youngsters around. The press loves it and it is really good for business. The social whirl of a young Liberal Government and the continued construction of the Just Society will make Ottawa magic again.

At the time of this writing it is less than 18 months to the next federal election. The forces of evil are all but contained and ready to be put back in the bottle for another couple of generations. We all just have to be patient, buy our tickets, and be ready to take the big ride that is soon to come...   

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