Tuesday, August 13, 2013

In Defense Of Senator Pamela Wallin

And money is like muck, not good except it be spread.
Sir Francis Bacon, Essays, Essay XV, Of Seditions And Troubles

You know that we are living in the Slavoj Zizek "End Times" when the Oracle of Ottawa has to come to the defense of a Conservative Senator! Now the Oracle of Ottawa is Left of the Lefties, and therefore is no close friend of the vertically challenged Senator Pamela Wallin.The Oracle of Ottawa will freely admit that he has never liked Pamela Wallin, but fair is fair, and the Oracle of Ottawa has had enough of this bullshit Canadian Senate witch hunt.
The (Still) Honourable Pamela Wallin

Lets get this all straight shall we? The Scum of the Prime Ministers office is ready to destroy this essentially decent woman and several of her peers in the vain attempt to drum up a wall of public revulsion against the "unelected" Senate of Canada. Mark the words of the Oracle of Ottawa Dear Reader, the only thing that is going to soon vanish is the insane scum of the 'Harper Government'!!

The Oracle has your back Pammy...

At the time of this writing, the scum of the 'Harper Government' Prime Ministers Office is ready to feed this woman to possible criminal charges and jail time for a crummy hundred grand, more or less, over a period of several years. Did you know Dear Reader that the last known GDP of Canada was 1.844 TRILLION dollars?  One of the richest nation states on Earth can't afford to have an appointed Senator of the Upper House of Sober Second Thought have a stay over in Toronto? Really? Fuck this insane SHIT!!!

Senator Wallin is not lying when she says that it is all but impossible to fly from Ottawa, Ontario to anywhere in Saskatchewan! But to fly from Ottawa, Ontario to Wadena, Saskatchewan, population 1306, is like recreating Homers Odyssey by air, quiet an undertaking at any time, believe the Oracle. And while we are talking air travel, why the Hell should an appointed Senator of Canada have to fly coach on Air Canada like a fuck'in Prole? An appointed Senator of the Canadian Senate should be able to go anywhere in Canada at no charge, no paperwork, at any time, and as often as they Goddamned want!!! There should be a very large fleet of executive aircraft for members of Parliament, Senators, Civil Servants, and if any seats are left over, members active and retired, of the Canadian Forces. Its Canada!! Distance is no object. (A good first thing job for the next Justin Trudeau government!!!)

One of the things that really gets the Oracle of Ottawa super Hot is the fact that the scum of the 'Harper Government' accepted all these Senators chump change expenses with out question, and then to fulfill a political objective come back on there most valuable people for repayment, Christ it is just like working for the City of Ottawa! And while the Oracle is at it, he is not too pleased at all the other Senators for getting on the Prime Ministers Office bandwagon. Not one Senator of any Party has had the guts to stand up and tell the PMO punks to piss off. But they have all no doubt been threatened with the same treatment or worse...

And another thing that also gets the Oracle of Ottawa very hot is the failure of the old style vulgar media to enquire to the cost of getting a Bilderberger Big Four Accounting firm into "audit" the chump change expenses. How many of this taxpayers dollars did the minion scum of the 'Harper Government' spend of this taxpayers money to get back one dollar of chump change expenses? Ten? A hundred? More? Why does this leftie taxpayer have to subsidize that??

Recently the Oracle of Ottawa has been having a recurring nightmare. Every time the Oracle of Ottawa enters a MacDonalds or a Harveys burger joint, in Ottawa, he can't find a seat, because the place is packed with 'Harper Government' cabinet members, diplomats, Senators and Deputy Ministers all doing government business with various world leaders, over meals from the value menu. God it is just terrible! It is high time to put the scum and the minions of the lowlife 'Harper Government' far behind us, and the sooner, the better.

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