Saturday, August 3, 2013

Energy East Pipieline - A Gift!?

The world is what our experience reveals it to be; there is no higher test of what is true. 
Richard Taylor, Good And Evil, p. 102

For all of us that are constantly watching, we know that some large energy super project announced deep in the dog days of summer must be a real indicator of how utterly horrendous it is going to be. The date was no doubt agreed upon by the fart catchers and spin doctors at the Prime Ministers Office and the head suite of management of Trans Canada somewhere in soggy Calgary.

Energy East Armageddon coming to you soon!

What is being planned is that Trans Canada is going to take a fifty year old natural gas line and convert it to carrying raw bitumen from the tar sands in Alberta right across Canada, all the way out to New Brunswick. Now for people that know of such things, transporting raw bitumen down a steel pipe is very similar to sandblasting it from the inside 24 / 7. Among all other kinds of problems. See the attached video that describes some the worst problems.

The New Quebec?
One of the most important issues was not even touched upon in the old style vulgar media, and that is the fact that this pipeline will run through Canada's nations capital of Ottawa! And if that is the case, where is all the natural gas going to come from in the winters of the future? And do you really believe that this will lead to lower fuel prices in Eastern Canada? What good will cheap auto gas be if we are doomed to freeze in the dark every winter? Compared to Western Canadians and Conservatives, the Oracle of Ottawa would rather take his chances with the Arabs and the South Americans. 

If this bitumen is shipped out to Eastern Canada to be processed in Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick where are we going to locate the resulting tar ponds of the resulting sludge that will be generated by the millions of tons? Why is it that it is only Western Canadians and Conservatives that think it is all right to shit in your own nest for a quick dollar?  

Much noise is being made of the chemicals that are added to the sludge tar sands to make them flow in a pipe. The industry refuses to release their chemical make up to the press or to the regulators! The Oracle of Ottawa can not but help think that there is much information in this situation. Which raises the question that the so called Energy East Pipeline may not be for bitumen oil at all but rather for the toxic waste that it can not get rid of in the Keystone XL pipeline due to that pesky American agency called the EPA

Another fact that the Oracle of Ottawa would like to bring to the light of day is the beginning incidence of birth defects in Ontario of children of young men that are currently employed in frack'ing operations out West! If you really want to put the brakes to this criminal carnage that would be a good place for a pesky NGO to start. The Oracle of Ottawa has heard of several weird cases of additional children that have been born after Dad has gone out West to work. Weird blood abruptions in child births were there was never any record of this in either side of the parents family trees. 

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