Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Elliot Lake - The Rot Falls Through

Building large castles in the empty air,
By suppositions fond, and thoughts untoward
William Shakespeare, A Funeral Elegy, Lines 400-401

Not too many twenty two year old buildings just up and fall down in Canada. This is even more true for commercial buildings, such as shopping malls! The Oracle of Ottawa now understands the soulless, land flipping whore, term "throw away building"! The Oracle of Ottawa first heard of the despicable event very soon after it happened. Elliot Lake is a very out of the way isolated community way up in Northern Ontario. The Oracle of Ottawa was simply shocked when the CBC reported that the building had just passed a structural engineering inspection within the most period of a month or two! The Oracle of Ottawa suspects that very many professional license's will sooner or later be surrendered.

Elliot Lake- Algo Centre Mall to the right....

What makes this event even more drastic, is the loss of life. There is one confirmed death, but, twelve more people unaccounted for. When this happens, all bets are off folks. There is no "wigglin'" out of this, no way! Someone has some very serious "splaining" to do, and no doubt jail time, complete with status changing class action lawsuits. It is curtains for any scum lord. The said building Algo Centre Mall has quite, how shall we say, a history. Hit the link to discover more...

Dalton will run with this one all the way...

It seems that the said owners were getting a little help from very high up, and they very nearly pulled it off! Well until Dalton McGuinty got wind of the whole story and dropped the official hammer on the attempted cover-up. Could you just imagine if Tim "Chain Gang" Hudak was Ontario Premier right now? There would have been no intervention, all incriminating evidence would have handily vanished, a matter perfectly taken care of by the "free market"! Is the Oracle of Ottawa right, or is the Oracle of Ottawa right?  Love'em or hate him old Dalton will get major mileage from this one! And the people of Elliot Lake will get theirs for sure.

Can you just imagine when this comes up in the House in the fall? When the 'Harper Government' has to take action against some its very goodest friends in the whole world? Yeah, that should be funny as hell.... Look at all the money we saved....

This is where the CBC can get all there budget money back...They will be on this like white on rice!! My tax dollars perfectly well spent! Go get'em State Broadcaster!

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