Sunday, June 24, 2012

Suhana Meharchand For The Order Of Canada!

People in and around government sense a national mood.
John W. Kingdon,  Agendas, Alternatives, and Public Policies, p. 146

It is  great comfort to the Oracle of Ottawa that there exists a great number of CBC on air personalities that have refused to sign the James Moore 'Harper Government' Purity Pledge!  Of course the Oracle of Ottawa was listening to Cross Country Checkup on CBC Radio 1 as he was touring up to the Ottawa Valley to visit his Dear Old Dad.

Order of Canada

Today's show was hosted again by Suhana Meharchand, and again it was a hot topic. And it appears that Suhana has certainly not signed the Jimmie Moore purity pledge. Today's topic was; Do you agree with doctor assisted suicide? Well! That is certainly a topic that the Prime Ministers Office does not want discussed at any time, and especially on the "State Broadcaster" the "Mother Ship" of the all engulfing Canadian Broadcasting Corporation! And it cooked folks! It was a very hot topic and the Oracle of Ottawa had to bail now and then to the soothing tunes being played on CBC Radio 2. But as soon as I regained composure, I was back to Radio 1.

If you guessed that the Oracle of Ottawa is greatly in favor of doctor assisted suicide, you guessed correctly! The Oracle of Ottawa wants the same right to doctor assisted suicide that exists in the many countries of the European Union! Nothing more, and certainly nothing less! And the Oracle of Ottawa does not give a flying rotating FUCK, what the 'Harper Government' or the right wing westerner Bible thumping whacko's think. We will have it, since the 'Harper Government' already believes that Federal prisoners should have the right. I am sure you remember that trial balloon that was floated by that fascist Quebec Senator? Now it is a Charter Case on two fronts! Isn't it?

Have you ever seen a loved one die from ALS? Well the Oracle of Ottawa watched his Blessed Mother take four years to do it. I was her favorite boy, and first born. I was the first to notice that something was wrong. It appeared to my Mom one day when she could not turn the ignition key all the way around in her much loved Wolfsburg Edition VW Jetta. The rest is just painful history now. My Blessed Mother was as hard as she was beautiful. She probably would not have chosen doctor assisted, even  if it was available, but it would have nice to be able to provide it if she wanted it. Everyone should have that choice.

The Oracle of Ottawa has deduced the real reason that we do not have doctor assisted suicide in Canada. It is not a moral or ethical problem. With the 'Harper Government' and the doctors it is a problem of power and money. And the reason that most mealy mouthed doctors calling from western Canada are not in favor of it is easy. If we have doctor assisted suicide in Canada, that will mean that that certain MD's will soon be driving a very nice modest Chevrolet Impala every couple of years, not the Jag XK that they are driving now! It means that the hard and soft kickbacks from their big pharma reps are toast! That means no private school for Johnie, and certainly no more ricer fantasy fuck that they all have hidden some where in their hoods! The Oracle of Ottawa knows that such things are true.... Aren't they? Yeah...

And that is not to mention the end of the big pharma and big burger conspiracy of the "white sauce" that goes on the burgers, that has been engineered to cause a very aggressive, quick and costly to treat variant of colon cancer....It isn't an urban myth... But I digress...

A little piece of advice Suhana, if you do not already own some real estate valued at least over $4,000 get it as soon as possible. You must be a property holder to be appointed to the Canadian Senate. One wouldn't want to keep the government of Justin Trudeau waiting, would one? 

Rex Murphy can VANISH!! His replacement has been found....

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