Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hooked On The Just Society

Man did not enter into society to become worse than he was before, nor to have fewer rights than he had before, but to have those rights better secured.   
Thomas Paine, The Rights Of Man, p. 63

Canada Day of 2012 was a very special Canada Day. And the Oracle of Ottawa will of course explain why. All through the week last, the 'Harper Government' was very busy preparing Ottawa for the festive occasion. Around Wednesday there were several more thousand job cuts announced, mostly at Canada Revenue and of all places Human Resources Canada! The job cuts at Revenue Canada were the most shocking. There are persistent rumors circulating in Ottawa that the said surplus bodies will soon be getting a call from a certain Alberta scum sucking contractor to do their old job from home for what will add up to less than minimum wage when you figure all your new overhead in.. Great. Now we have tax farming in Canada! Isn't that great? Look at all the money that will be saved!

Just Society Part II?

Then it was Friday afternoon and the Oracle of Ottawa was in the Glebe downtown to get that primal pre -  Canada Day feel of the great primordial pulse of Canada. Oh yes, you can believe the Oracle of Ottawa, you really can actually feel it. Then as the Oracle of Ottawa was tuning in to the national frequency when he overheard on CBC Radio1 that public tours to the House of Commons will be greatly reduced! It seems that the minions and scum sucking lackies of the 'Harper Government' can no longer afford to show the people of Canada, many who have quiet possibly come from thousands of miles away on a once in a lifetime trip, to see the House, where it all happens.... And to add insult to injury, unlimited money has been found for an underground dungeon, (serious, not kidding...), where all said lovers of liberty will be "processed", before being allowed to take the Hill tour! (or not...) The 'Harper Government' is already leaving behind its great symbols to the future generations of Canada and historical posterity! Freud  would shit himself in laughter....    

Yes dear reader, things are not looking good for Canada at the present time. It was time for coffee, and after parking the car in my never taken three hour parking space on one of the many side streets off of Bank, I was ordering a medium double cream with a cherry cheese danish, at the Horton's just across from the Dairy Queen on Bank Street. It was quiet and a very sparse crowd. I headed to the empty side of the shop where there was only an older gentleman reading a newspaper. Then the Oracle of Ottawa recognized the man, and then in my head, I swear(!), I heard; "WelllllCoooome To The Broaaaaadcasssst!" Jesus! It was Don Newman! In the flesh! Eye contact was momentarily made, that offered all respects, and the message that the Oracle of Ottawa would stick to the great unwritten rule of Ottawa, never to disturb a great man in a Hortons.! A furtive glance of gracious relief was offered in return.

It seems to the Oracle of Ottawa that he is not the only one that feels that Canada is quickly turning into something else quiet unwanted. Don Newman was reading the National Post, and dissecting it with the ability and confidence that signaled a lifetime in the foundation media. You just can't make this stuff up! The Oracle of Ottawa always seems to find the greats by accident. The Oracle of Ottawa pondered the sight. One thing is for sure, unlike the members of the 'Harper Government' Don Newman has never shopped at a Walmart! The Oracle of Ottawa pondered where one buys a shirt that is so perfect and of a whiteness that you just don't see, save on the CBC and the better mens magazines...And the shoes! Where can you even find those to buy? And that last touch of class, the patterned Argyle socks that I didn't even know were still being manufactured anywhere in this part of the world. And to cap it all off, that snowflake on the left lapel, signifying membership in the Order of Canada. We all know where those come from, don't we?

As the Oracle of Ottawa pondered the situation he realized that just down the street from where he was sitting, sometime in 1968, an obscure young French Canadian had just won the leadership of the Liberal party of Canada. He electrified the crowd as he spoke of the Just Society. Sitting just a few feet away from the Oracle of Ottawa was a man that interviewed Pierre Trudeau many times, and all the great Prime Ministers that come from that gallant core of Great Canadians.Then a tear formed in the Oracle of Ottawa's eye as he wondered in rage how the hell did it all come to this? A Canada Day that now guaranteed you still have a lot to look forward to, not more, but the mean bitter guarantee of only less.

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