Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mayor Rob Ford Goes Bagless?

Consensus is built, sometimes very rapidly, by cutting in many and diverse interests.
John W. Kingdon,  Agendas, Alternatives, and Public Policy, p. 161

The Oracle of Ottawa can certainly understand the position of the great mayor of Toronto. No man likes to have a tax on his bag. But as we all know, those damn leftie pink-o's are every where! They are the ones that ruined the great Conservative hat trick! They are the ones, backed by the big union bosses that screwed up what would no doubt have been a knuckle draggers utopia! Damn them, one and all! It is the People's fault. Any and all sundry people that don't agree with the mayors office are leftie pink-o's, it is all as simple as that.

His Bagless - Rob Ford

It was all going so well in chambers last week. The density challenged august mayor of Toronto had engineered the vote to rid Toronto the good of that pesky nickel tax on shopping bags...All went splendidly, and upon the seeming ease of it all one of the august mayors "inner circle", one Dave Shiner, off the top of his rather limited mental faculties, thought; Hell, lets go whole hog and ban the bag all together! Well sure as your born, the "leftie" councillors took this as a miracle similar in magnitude of Moses parting the Red Sea! And any one of them will tell you that Moses had no problem at all getting through life with only one bag. So there! 

So the truth of the matter is that Mayor Ford was done in by one of his own neuronally challenged underlings. Now you know why dear reader, that all Conservatives rely so heavily on spin doctored, fart catcher polished "speaking points". Most Conservatives, and especially the elected ones, are just not smart enough to go it alone like a really cool Liberal or NDP type.

Mayor Ford should discuss the problem with Hurricane Hazel or Margaret Atwood. Great Canadians, that at various points of their lives, went bag less for extremely long periods. They would most certainly inform the challenged mayor, that it is not the bag you want, but rather the bag you hold! And all that really matters is that that bag has lots of the desired "stuff" in it....

His Bagless, searches for a new full bag.....

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