Saturday, June 2, 2012

'Harper Government' - Eaton Centre Shooting Rampage

Meanwhile the hainous despightfull act
Of Satan done in Paradise,...
John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book X, Lines 1-2

Guns don't kill people! Just stupid, shit for brains Conservatives who let so called long guns circulate like widgets, without any form of tracking or registration kill people. And it seems that the Safe Streets and Communities Act is really working well also! The Oracle of Ottawa finds it strange that although this crime happened hours ago and in front of very many eye witnesses that not no one can describe the weapon that was used! Very Strange that...

Savage Model 64F

The Oracle of Ottawa warned of this possibility in earlier postings. As I most feared, you can now buy, with cash, and without even identification,(!) a huge array of of so called "long guns". The Oracle of Ottawa is proposing that the so called gun can not be readily identified because it was created out of a cheap and common "long gun" similar to the one pictured above. All you would have to do is saw off the barrel with a hack saw, and shape the nylon stock with a forming file! Of course no two of these home made creations would look the same! And of course you could buy the long magazine for 15 rounds or 20 rounds! And if you are really clever and a Canadian Forces veteran, you could simply duct tape the two mags together and have up to 40 rounds close and handy.

If you wanted to go whole hog you could go on the Internet and find out how to file that little cam down so that the home made hand gun is now automatic! Isn't giving everybody the right to fail great? Now do you think dear reader that we will ever find out the details of the weapon used in this crime? Or have the police powers that be at present are signatories to the 'Harper Government' purity pledge? Like Jimmy Moore was doing with the people at the CBC?

If it is the case that the weapon used in this travesty was home-made from a legally available "long gun" it will be I predict the utter end of the 'Harper Government'. And the immediate resignation of the Public Safety Minister Vic "The Dick" Toews, and his right bower, Rob "The Knob" Nicholson.

Here is a great piece of citizen reporting from the scene... Can you feel the fear and chaos? Whose rights and freedoms are in danger now?

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