Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Symbolism Of Pierre "Little Polly" Poilievre

Setting the agenda and getting one's way, however, are two very different things.
John W. Kingdon, Agendas, Alternatives, and Public Policies, p. 23

The Oracle of Ottawa wants to be the first to fully disclaim any and all  rumors that Pierre Poilievre is creepy. That is simply not true! In actual fact it is all much worse! The great man exudes a sticky sweet aurora of death and dying that the Oracle of Ottawa has never before observed in any human being he has had the chance to meet (so far...). It is another example of television simply unable to do justice to the actual "ground truth"of reality. The Oracle of Ottawa was creeped out of his very epidermis on many occasions, in Ottawa where upon at a certain Horton's, the Oracle of Ottawa was always of the knowledge that one could run into the great man by chance, and often as luck would have it, one usually did! I am of course speaking of the Horton's that is very near the great mans constituent office, out on Greenbank Road in the City of Ottawa.

Sock puppet - Cheer Leader Model
 If Little Polly was a woman, you could describe him as a true petite! He is barely the merest whiff of a hint of a real man. ( But with a very high face punchability index of 9.985.) Another trick of the distortion of television. Media can be so cruel, can't it? No doubt you have seen the "great man " on your local vulgar news, no matter where you live in Canada. And especially so if you are a frequent observer of daily Question Period. But what do we really know of this actor? The best article of the real Little Polly is on Wikipedia and the Oracle of Ottawa has provided a link that will of course never rot.

It seems that that Little Polly studied a lot of stuff at the University of Calgary,  but there is no mention of him ever finishing any course of study. Staff should get on this right away? No?  There is absolutely no information of the quality of his family or any mention of pedigree that could be entered or checked in the annals of Debret's! Could it be possible in actual  reality that the great man is the product of left leaning social programs and the fine shelter of low income, public housing, somewhere in Calgary? Perhaps the only son of a single, unwed mother? He certainly acts like a real bastard.   

The only problem with cheer leaders, is that their wheels fall off really easy when the going gets real tough....

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