Saturday, June 9, 2012

The City Of Ottawa Presto Ankle Bracelet

A fair body of scholarship has come to challenge the view that elected officials reign supreme. 
John W. Kingdon, Agendas, Alternatives and Public Policies, (Second Edition), p. 43

It was the last straw, as far as the Oracle of Ottawa was concerned. When the tired and past date Diane Deans stood to and up last week on the local vulgar media and finally announced the demise and death of the Presto Card ankle bracelet. People of the City of Ottawa really needed this! We had a perfectly working system before the brain fart of the Presto card. The only problem with it was that the City of Ottawa would not allow OC-Transpo the budget to hire more people to man the Ticket booths where they were sold! And with the old card pass system you could remain anonymous. Thence proving what the Oracle of Ottawa was suspecting all along. Starve - Kill - Privatize!! Here we are folks, again...


It seems that quiet a few people did their due diligence about the Presto card. The Oracle of Ottawa has provided a link to the basic information. Now just read carefully. Note the aligned organizations with this ankle bracelet! The one that should scare the living shit out of you is that of Accenture! How the hell is Accenture got anything to do with your stupid bus card? Well just go to Google and enter Accenture - Bilderberg Group, go ahead, the Oracle of Ottawa dares ya!

The Oracle of Ottawa's "gaydar" went off when he realized that if you use this RFID device, it could not be used anonmously. Your credit or debit card will link your identity to it. All your movement data will be tracked and data based. Why don't you call 311 and ask what the City of Ottawa is going to do with all that data revenue? The data will be sold to the marketing firms, the insurance companies; life and health, the corporate land flipping whores, and a host of others, to long to mention. Not to mention all the users that will automatically be served due to the wording in the fine print of that sole sourced iron clad we are up your arse for ever service contract! And these parties are Homeland Security of the United States and of course CSIS. You don't think that monster building that is going up at CSIS headquarters on Ogilvie Road is a visiting centre do you? Well do you rube?

In closing, the Oracle of Ottawa must make note of yet another sad observation. It was all so eerie and spooky.... Next time you see Diane Deans on the vulgar media, you realize that there is this eerie resemblance to someone else, do yo see it? Ya, me to. She really looks looks Bob Rae in drag....

Well maybe not?

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