Saturday, May 10, 2014

Where Are All The Hudak Supporters?

The discovery of happiness, like the discovery of new territory, is usually oblique.
John Kay, Obliquity, p. 23 

The hands down event of the week, without a doubt, has had to be the kick-off of the 2014 Ontario provincial election. It of course gained, right from the start, saturation old style vulgar media coverage. The Oracle of Ottawa loves that. That means that he can cover the said train wreck from the comfort of his secure bunker, located somewhere in Ottawa South. This is by far the greatest venue for a rock and  roll roving reporter.

'Chain Gang' Tim Hudak - Party of One...

Right from the get - go the Oracle of Ottawa could not help but notice the actual excitement caused by the homily Kathleen Wynne. Damn! You would think she was a rock star or something. Every one of her events has scads of supporters in attendance. And they are not captive employees of some party member from the donors list. Why, one of the first places she came out to after the campaign started was Ottawa South, to the old riding office of Dalton McGuinty! The Oracle of Ottawa thought that was right bold. But you didn't hear the words "Gas plant", not even once. The ample excited crowd formed in over an hour in advance.
Andrea Horath - D'Ohhhh...
 And it wasn't shit luck Dear Reader, the next day she packed out another event in downtown Ottawa at that new conference center. From the adulation that was being shown, the Oracle of Ottawa can only conclude that she was once Pierre Elliot Trudeau's old girl friend from the 1970's! But no Dear Reader, she just has that something. And she can get the voters out and up for it. It was great watching the clips of her sassing the 'Harper Government'! All in, a hell of good start to her majority government.

 One of the biggest faux-pas's of the week had to go to Andrea Horwath, at the staged set up in the Tim Horton's coffee shop, somewhere in Ontario. The Oracle of Ottawa caught the gaff right away and just couldn't believe it. Your average awesome Canadian is about six feet tall, plus or minus a couple of inches. In Canada it is really really rare that you ever see a midget. It is even rarer still to see a midget from Asia, even in Ottawa!  But if you are in a Tim Horton's and there are nine Asian midgets from the Phillipines behind the counters, barely tall enough to see over the cash register, you know right away that you are in a Tim Horton's staffed completely by Temporary Foreign Workers! That looked great to the Oracle of Ottawa. That once, the party of the working man, was now pitching in a business establishment that profits from indentured labour! What is the NDP staff on?

Earlier this after noon that Oracle of Ottawa was returning from his coveted Saturday routine, only to see on CTV News Network, the never ending clip of a "poll" of 825 Ontario voters that concluded that 'Chain Gang' Tim Hudak was leading in popularity for Premiere of Ontario! And that this was correct to an accuracy of +/ - 4%!! What was no doubt mentioned by the pollster was that it was only Tim Hudaks riding that was polled! Oh, and by the way, the undecided was pulling a strong fourth at 16%. When you are down to that desperate Hail Mary move in only the first week of the Campaign you are essentially  fucked.

Right from the start the Hudak campaign faltered. The press was (rightly) all over the little man. There were no supporters in attendance. Just 'Chain Gang' Tim and his rag ass band of fart catchers. And that head fart catcher was so creepy that that the Oracle had to reach for his Ether and Nitrous Oxide mask! I had that Blue Velvet fear, all of a sudden. But the Oracle is alright know after a stern reading of a few chapters of Revelation... If all it cost to save Ontario from this moron, was a billion dollar gas plant move, the Oracle of Ottawa can only conclude that it was money very well wasted indeed.

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