Sunday, May 11, 2014

Goodluck (!?) Jonathan

Politics is frequently associated today with self-seeking behaviour, hypocrisy and 'public relations' activity geared to selling particular policy packages.
David Held, Models Of Democracy, Third Edition, p.259

It is with wondrous dread that the Oracle of Ottawa continues to hear about certain school girl kidnappings in the third world state of Nigeria. The Oracle of Ottawa is also amazed at how much one can learn from just watching. How does a guy that comes from a family of canoe builders end up being President of Nigeria? This also begs an even bigger question; how does a canoe builder and / or a president of a third world country end up with a net worth of damn near two million U.S. dollars? That is a hell of a lot of canoes!

Goodluck - Setting the price...

Since the Oracle of Ottawa is not owned by big media or any nation state, he feels it his public duty to promulgate his wise and penetrating observations as a public service to his world wide readership. The Oracle of Ottawa deeply respects his Dear Readers. Why did Goodluck Jonathan wait for over two weeks before doing anything about the recently suffered acts of terrorism? What information becomes rapidly apparent from observing the facts?

The first fact of revelation from the good President's silence is that none of the abducted girls were of Goodluck Jonathan's tribe! As one can easily find out today, the great president of Nigeria, at the time of this writing, of course, is a member of the Ijaw ethnic group. This ethnic group of course contains very many tribes and / or clans to numerous to mention.  

And of course, for those of us who know of such things, Africa is not run like North America or the European Union, is it? No business is conducted, much less completed, with out someone of the driving tribe getting his palms and off shore bank accounts greased. Is the Oracle of Ottawa right or is he right? It seems readily clear and most striking to the Oracle of Ottawa that someone in Nigeria is presently selling of the rights to girls schools of other numerous ethnic groups like burger franchises are sold here in the free world!

It may come as a surprise to my Dear Readers that Nigeria and Canada have a few things in common. Nigeria is a lot like the Department of Transportation in one of Canada's Atlantic provinces. At every election all the staffs change at the Department of Transportation! It should all become clear when you discover that good old Goodluck is up for reelection in 2015.

The second fact of revelation is that nothing slows down the political opposition at campaign time as the personal loss of a daughter. A most unfortunate and untimely tragedy. But the Oracle of Ottawa strongly suspects that certain daughters will "escape" (or not), if certain fathers reevaluate their immediate political futures. Such is the politics of a third world tribal country.

Of course Dear Readers you will hear of much bravado of the greatest and most powerful nation states of the world today sending high end secretive "aid" to catch the bad ass terrorists. Well all the Oracle of Ottawa can recommend is don't hold your breath. Our nation states are balls deep into the corruption of said above mentioned third world country.(s)  They are fishing for the big billion dollar contracts for their home companies, that just happen to be major campaign contributors of most all civilized western countries.

The Oracle of Ottawa can only suggest that the solution to this most pressing problem is up to the people of Nigeria, and most unfortunately it will not be solved at the ballot box, but rather in the old fashioned way; the street.

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