Monday, May 19, 2014

What Is The Peasants Republic of China On?

Better a small piece of a big pie, than a big piece of a small one.
Calouste Gulbenkian, (Mr. Five Percent...)

It is Victoria Day here in Canada, the first long weekend of the summer season. And it was a perfect, pretty, blue and cool day. The Oracle of Ottawa thought that that was a most generous gift of the Gods, but it all got better as the Oracle of Ottawa watched his local old time vulgar media lunch time news. It was that clip from the daily State Department Press Briefing that announced the indictment of a wack of military officers from the great Peasants Republic of China. Needless to say it made the Oracle of Ottawa's day.

No Disneyland for you Wong Dong...
 After the laughing stopped, the Oracle of Ottawa was pretty sure how the State Department actually linked each face to each computer. The stupid peasants left their web cams on as they were vandalizing assorted large American sites for for a free lunch. Yes Dear Reader, way out of control and way too much Deer Penis Wine, that shit will get you every time. 

Actually the Oracle of Ottawa has been simply awed and amazed at the recent actions of the Peasants Republic of China in days as of late. What the hell are they trying to prove by strong arming a semi submersible off shore oil rig into hot contested waters off of Vietnam? Does it make any sense to anybody at all? It reminds the Oracle of Ottawa of a big yella dog that chases cars. If the car actually stops, what is that big yella dog going to do with it? Such are the risks of chasing the hubcaps of global hegemony!

Chinese HD-981 off of Vietnam..
  As the Chinese are finding out at a very rapid rate, it sure sucks to be a peasant master of the universe. Who knew it would all be so much work and effort? Of course if the Peasant Republic wanted to really bring it, they would have formed a sweet joint venture with all the locals and played straight up. The Oracle knows this is true, you can learn a lot of things from Armenians of the recent past, see epigraph above.

But the part of the story that kept the Oracle of Ottawa glued to You-Tube for the last couple of days was the reaction of the "weak state" of Vietnam! They sure got the Peasants Republic of China's attention didn't they? It was all pretty unfortunate about the misidentified Koreans and Taiwanese though, but it proves the Oracle of Ottawa's point, even to Asians, they all look alike. If they can't tell each other apart, how would it be possible for a an old Gajin like the Oracle of Ottawa ever to learn? Ho! Ho!

The Oracle of  Ottawa has taken a lot of heat in recent times of late as to opinions of the true motives of the Peasants Republic. Why some people have even hurt the Oracle of Ottawa's feelings by insisting that he was a bigot! Ouch, that hurt's. But today was the day when it all came together and proved that the Oracle of Ottawa was right all along. It would be all really great if this was the end of the matter, but the Oracle of Ottawa must inform his Dear Readers, that this is all just the start of much graver matters.

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