Thursday, May 8, 2014

Godzilla Pukes It Up!

We deal with complex systems whose structure we can understand only imperfectly.
John Kay, Obliquity, p.13

It was while watching the Blue Jays just crush the Phillies last night a mere 10 - 0, that the Oracle of Ottawa caught that new Fiat Godzilla commercial on the MLB Network,  while the Oracle was checking up on the live look ins between innings. After seeing it and laughing so hard that I darn near did personal damage to myself, the Oracle of Ottawa was amazed that somehow that commercial got onto the air.

Godzilla has standards too!
  A little research will tell you that that the original Godzilla was created in 1954 and the said creature was a metaphor for nuclear weapons. Ever since then Godzilla has become what is known as a pop icon, whatever that is. The latest rendition of 2014 has carried on the tradition along with all the marketing and "merch". The Oracle of Ottawa finds it quiet a reach what Godzilla has to do with Fiat automobiles.

But it became very clear to the Oracle of Ottawa that even Godzilla has standards and there are certain things even Godzilla will refuse to eat, and it has nothing to do with having four doors. Due to all the politically correct laws of writing and other media, the Oracle of Ottawa can safely so no more...But you Dear Reader can watch for yourself and make up your own mind.   

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