Tuesday, May 6, 2014

'Chain Gang' Tim Hudak - All Lost - Already!

Tyrants are rarely 'true navigators'.
David Held, Models Of Democracy, Third Edition, p. 24

There he was on the Oracle of Ottawa's Sony big screen, dressed up like a burger flipping Temporary Foreign Worker, the Oracle of Ottawa laughed so hard he damn near hurt himself. Then there was that awkward Global Television interview, where 'Chain Gang' Tim just walked off the stage with his doomed lot of spin doctors and fart catchers, all soon to be unemployed. The Oracle of Ottawa won't say that 'Chain Gang' Tim is nervous already, but did you check out the cement bags under his eyes Dear Reader? It appears to the Oracle of Ottawa that something is keeping little Tim up late into the night. What ever do you suppose that could be Dear Reader? And where are the throngs of excited supporters?

'Chain Gang' Tim Hudak - Farewell Tour...

Early into the campaign the laughs are coming a ton a minute. The next clip on the Oracles local supper time news was of Andrea Horwath, complete with the doomed deer in the head light stare. It appears to the Oracle of Ottawa  that some people just don't campaign very well at all. Perhaps her feet are still hurting from that self inflicted gunshot wound of bailing out of budget that appeared to the Oracle of Ottawa that was written by the NDP. Some people can't handle the pressure very well. And the Oracle was mortified when the lost Andrea was appearing in a empty staged event at a Tim Horton's, which appeared to the Oracle of Ottawa to be completely staffed by little TFW people from the Philippines all four feet nine inches each. That will work really good with the union vote!

Then we got to the good stuff. The Oracle of Ottawa is very impressed by the showing of Kathleen Wynne. Damn, she is a natural campaigner. She is like a pink battery bunny with a bass drum. There were no bags under her eyes or any trace of fear. She is on a mission and she even seems to be enjoying it, unlike her two opposites.A lot of people are so called change voters. But not the Oracle of Ottawa. The Oracle picks quality and sticks with it for ever. Ontario has finally got it's own Hurricane Hazel!

It has come to the Oracle of Ottawa's attention that the 2014 Ontario Election has stirred up some very, very large and powerful forces. The Oracle of Ottawa has included a video purpose made from one of the most powerful union leaders in the United States! Leo Gerard from the United Steel Workers of America! The largest all industrial union in America. Only about 860,294 members the last time they counted in 2009. He speaks about one of 'Chain Gang' Tim Hudak's promises of making Ontario a Right to Work province, just like an American right to work state. Doctor Gerard passes on some some chilling information, which you would be very wise to give a listen to...

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