Sunday, May 4, 2014

What Was Andrea Horwath On?

Far from the state playing the role of emancipator, protective knight or umpire in the face of conflicting interests, the state is enmeshed in civil society.
David Held, Models Of Democracy, Third Edition, p. 108

It all seems so long ago already. But in reality, it was just last Wednesday when the Ontario Liberal Minority Government tabled their budget. Of course there were the required media "leaks" to trial balloon everything and all, as per standard routine. The Oracle of Ottawa was mighty impressed. It seemed clear to the Oracle of Ottawa that the NDP under the steady hand of Andrea Horwath had all but written in the major points, such as making the rich pay, in that everyone earning over $150,000 in taxable income would pay a mere $500 more.

Oracle calls a majority Wynne government...

Then there was the astounding news of the Ontario Pension Plan that the Feds of the 'Harper Government' have refused, with the Province of Ontario going it's own way. After pondering all the leaks the Oracle of Ottawa could only conclude that the NDP wrote the budget! Make the rich pay, take care of the poor, and provide money to build what the people of Ontario were capable of building. Even the honking large and powerful Union bosses that still exist in Ontario were mighty impressed and stood to and said so right out loud. The Oracle of Ottawa suspected that it was all a slam dunk.

Andrea Horwath - Fatal error?

It was just after the market close in Toronto on Wednesday that Kathleen Wynne stood to her place at let the Finance Minister off his leash, and get it off. Then the first news come out on Power and Politics that Andrea Horwath was not in the House! Somehow it was nicely explained that the Orange Andrea had some how got her thong in a knot, and did not appear in the House in the Chair as the Leader of the Third Party. The Oracle of Ottawa could not think of another example where this has ever happened before in the Ontario Legislature.

'Chain Gang' Tim Hudak - Last time out?

As the week progressed, starting at the NDP news conference on Thursday morning, the imperious Andrea stated that she was miffed about something and that she would not or maybe would not support the Wynne Government on the May eighth budget vote. Needless to say the Oracle of Ottawa became somewhat alarmed. Is this NDP thingy going to risk the introduction of chain gangs in to Ontario? Is she willing to risk Ontario becoming a "right to work" province? Cause these things would surely happen if 'Chain Gang' Tim Hudak had a lucky day at the poles.     

Then it all donned on the Oracle of Ottawa. This is the process of democracy in action. It is an ugly process. It finds weakness and exposes it naked right away. It has to be that way, there is a lot at stake (steak?). It also shows great hidden strengths of character, as it did when Kathleen Wynne just walked down the Hall and went to see the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario and had the government dissolved! The election day is to be June 12, 2014. The Oracle of Ottawa strongly suspects a Liberal majority.

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