Saturday, April 5, 2014

Chinese Peasants Hear Ping? Ya Right...

All that destroys social unity is worthless; all institutions that set man in contradiction to himself are worthless.
Jean-Jacques Rousseau, The Social Contract

The Oracle of Ottawa is really trying to give this blogging thing a break. But stuff keeps popping up on my Sony flat screen X series television that really pisses the Oracle of Ottawa totally off. The most recent occasion of such an affront happened right this very morning on CTV News Net. There was a breaking news report that a Chinese ship Haixun 1  has detected a black box ping nearly thirty days after the vanishing of flight MH 370. The Oracle of Ottawa says: total bullshit.

The paper tiger sweats it out...

There is also a British nuclear submarine in the search area along with a British Royal Navy surface ship also deploying the weird manta ray towed submersible device. Of course the Chinese Peasant technology is way better then imperialist gaijin technology. That of course is why there still is no confirmation at the time of this writing. If the report was true, the Brits would have most certainly picked it up also. If they had picked it up it would all be a simple matter of crossing the bearing lines, and the mystery of MH 370 would have been solved by now.

But alas, another report that crossed the Oracles TV screen later in the day contained the revelation that the owners of said flight MH 370 were very behind in their planned maintenance of such unimportant things as black box underwater sea pingers. Therefore there is simply no way that box is or was even pinging at such a late time after the vanish without a fresh recently installed battery. The Oracle of Ottawa is certain that he can explain all the false and recent news announcements of the said Chinese Peasants Republic.

The Oracle of Ottawa strongly suspects that by now the peasants survivors that have been ruthlessly expended by a very botched false flag operation are in quite an unpredictable state, that is spreading all over the China mainland. It is only with the greatest difficulty that the head Chinese Peasants are keeping the lid on. It is now appearing to the head Chinese Peasants that the old rule of thumb of 'there is more were they came' from is no longer working....

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