Sunday, April 13, 2014

'Sleepy' Rob Anders Gets The Pillow

The challenges facing democratic thinking are both numerous and substantial.
David Held, Models Of Democracy, Third Edition, p. xi

At the time of this writing Dear Readers the lights are burning brightly and late into the night at both then Prime Ministers Office in Ottawa  and the Manning Center for Democracy out in Calgary. It seems that Preston Manning's road to a new right wing Canada has developed a few potholes. But alas, upon closer inspection, what looked like the mirage of a pothole has indeed been identified as an ever widening sinkhole that is presently swallowing up everything of the Tory Bund of the 'Harper Government'.

P(l)easant dreams, Sweet Prince...
 The Earth itself has not stopped shaking with serious tremors various since Thursday last. You just knew that there was very much more to the sudden demise of the wee finance minister when the media reports were changing every thirty minutes in the ongoing Ottawa news cycle, which is a red flag for those that know of such things, it is of course a sure sign that the sanitation process is continuing and very ongoing, shall we say. 

But it all got so much weirder on Friday morning when it appeared to the Oracle of Ottawa that the wee Kelly Leitch had commandeered the wee finance ministers other budget suit. You could turn down the volume on the Sony X series big screen and still hear the wheels coming off the 'Harper Government'. Not to mention the concurrent news of the continuing proceedings of a certain Conservative Senator that did a recent sleepover at the Gatineau lockup, pending his bail hearing, and travel reservations to Club Rehab.

It wasn't until Sunday morning that the Oracle of Ottawa saw the news of the demise of 'Sleepy' Rob Anders nomination bid, as it scrolled slowly buy(?) on the CBC Newsworld news ticker at the bottom of the screen. The Oracle of Ottawa would be telling a barefaced lie if he didn't admit that the news made the Oracle of Ottawa's day. The said back bencher now has the rest of his life to sleep on the public dime, as he will no doubt be collecting his pension at the end of this session. Word in Ottawa is that his blackberry is no longer vibrating, signalling the death of his long public life. Now he will have time finally to read the promising personal member extension pitches that he never had the time to read before.    

The nut of the whole series of events Dear Reader, is that it seems quiet clear to the Oracle of Ottawa that the adherents of the liberal left wing communist Laurentian Consensus seem to be far more evenly distributed in Canada then has been previously thought. It is now quite clear to the Oracle of Ottawa that to be a member of the a fore mentioned consensus does not require the residence at the foot of the said Laurentian Mountains after all. There seem to be a very great many at present deep inside the strongest 'Harper Government' strongholds than had been previously thought.  

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