Sunday, April 6, 2014

Pauline Marois - Just A Rube After All?

All bribery and injustice will be blotted out, but good faith will last forever.
Sirach 40:12, The New Oxford Annotated Bible, Augmented Third Edition

Somewhere on the Marois campaign bus, a worker has picked the second shortest straw and is now composing the Leaders resignation speech. The worker that has picked the shortest straw, will start practicing reading the afore mentioned speech in the bus washroom mirror, in both official languages, of course. There have been some insane train wrecks in Quebec lately, but the utter crushing of the Bloc Quebecois that it is going to receive tomorrow will put even Lac Megantic way back onto page eight of the history books.

And the winner is...

At first even the Oracle of Ottawa was sure that the mighty Pauline had it all wrapped up in a bright blue and white ribbon. The secular charter was just the thing to reach out through the virtual information smoke in rural Quebec where essentially all political decisions get made. It was all so perfect that the Oracle was sure the election would lead to a huge majority, and a lot less strange garb and headgear assorted all around. Where and how did it all go so wrong? How did Pit Bull Pauline snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory?

As a public service to his world wide Dear Readership, the Oracle of Ottawa feels compelled to provide the much needed public service of a detailed explanation of the rapidly approaching ideological train wreck. In plain "H'english" the thing all went kaboom the day that Pauline Marios announced the star candidate Pierre Karl Peladeau! Otherwise known throughout the rest of Canada as PKP, which is not a sign of respect, but allows us to identify him without having to risk puking by saying his name out loud. To put the event in context, imagine Jesus Christ appointing King Herod as head orphanage inspector. The Oracle is sure that everybody gets it now...

                                                               The Fatal Turning Point...

The Oracle of Ottawa realized right then and there that it was all over. Not only would it be over this time, but for all time. As the great American novelist Harold Robbins often said; Dreams Die First.  She was prepared to sell her soul and all those souls of Quebec forever, to feed one more time at the trough undisturbed. All backed up and sanctioned by the minions of the New World Order. Not even the most diehard seperatist in Quebec would sell his soul to the likes of PKP, for an all expense paid return to medieval feudalism.

It is all about the last wild flings of a generation. A generation that was very much like your average Chinese peasant, one that has had it's head up it's ass since birth. The law of genetic drift works everywhere as surely as the economic law of one price.

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