Saturday, March 29, 2014

Forty Inch Booty?

The greatest evil has already come about, when there are poor men to be defended, and rich men to be restrained.
Jean - Jacques Rousseau, A Discourse On Political Economy, 1755

I mean, how do you even measure that? Do you measure horizontally, or vertically? Or perhaps you measure from handhold to handhold? The Oracle of Ottawa has been out of the dating pool for a long time, but the desperate and varied interests of my Dear Readers never ceases to amaze the Oracle of Ottawa. It is time to solve another problem with the standard tools of logic and critical thinking.

Latina Velvet Booty...

It appears from some deep research on the internet, that booty is an American slang term for female buttocks. It also appears that booty has been of prime and intense interest going way back. (See earlier postings...) Why even the refined peoples of classical antiquity were very interested in their booty, and it kept many artists various occupied filling many and varied commissions for their rich patrons. Go figure.

For a young lad just starting out the Oracle of Ottawa recommends that you don't over do it at the start. You could ruin yourself before you mature into your prime. For a mere novice to attach himself to forty inch booty on his first run out is somewhat like driving the star ship directly into the first black hole on the horizon.But as you work your way up to it you will soon come to understand why men want to climb the highest mountains, and write the greatest American Novels.

As with all things, repeated and focused attention to the ultimate goal is all important. It is the greatest hope that maybe people ages from now will sing your booty chasing prowess in song forever.

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