Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Joe Oliver - Is It Elder Abuse?

The creation of a political community or government is the burden individuals have to bear to secure their ends.
David Held, Models Of Democracy, Third Edition, p. 64

The Oracle of Ottawa has been tardy as of late posting to the 'umble blog. But it is springtime in Canada and it has been a hell of a long winter. And to tell you the truth Dear Reader, the Oracle of Ottawa always gets depressed lately writing on the doomed 'Harper Government'. Events as of late have convinced the Oracle of Ottawa that we won't have the 'Harper Government' to kick around much longer.

old Joe - Past his Date?
  Especially with Joe Oliver as Finance Minister. You know that the 'Harper Government' has scrapped the bottom of the barrel. But there are so many bodies under the ideological bus, that poor old Joe Oliver was  all that was left. To put it plainly, it appears to the Oracle of Ottawa that old Joe should be in a home, or at the very least, in assisted living. It was during Question period today that the Oracle of Ottawa noticed that the ministers talking points were in extra large type! The Oracle could darn near read them himself off of the big screen Sony! Then that dementia/Parkinson's hand ballet started, when the young Nathan Cullen was very easily taking off another huge chunk of the Ministers hide, that the Oracle of Ottawa realized that this is very nearly elder abuse for someone of old Joe's advanced years.  

  The Oracle knows that politics is a blood sport, and that the youngsters of the NDP are just doing their jobs. But from where the Oracle of Ottawa sits it is all pretty sad. Notice in a recent video clip (March 29, 2014)  that directly behind old Joe sits the intense Alice Wong, Minister of State for Seniors, making sure that old Joe was giving a hundred and ten per cent, and proving the Oracles past call, that this is what is in store for all Canadian Seniors as far as the 'Harper Government' is concerned. Work like a teenager until you drop, just like in China. It appears that old Siu-Ping loves super-vising....

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