Saturday, April 19, 2014

'Harper Government' - Department Of State Regime Change?

Ignorance is held in contempt; but a dangerous scepticism has succeeded it. 
Jean-Jacques Rousseau, A Discourse On The Arts And Sciences.

It has been a very busy week for the Oracle of Ottawa, and he was hoping to take the wonderful long Easter weekend off. But of course, due to the inane stupidity of the 'Harper Government', weekends off are few and far between. It all blew up on the Oracle's Sony big screen sometime on Friday, and the Oracle of Ottawa just loved the symbology of the United States Department of State announcement of the next forever delay of the approval of the Keystone XL pipeline. 

Says NO..(again...)

It was great to see the United States Department of State us the same slimy tactics that the 'Harper Government' always uses to slip in the bad news. Do it on a Friday or a holiday when you think no one is paying attention. It was in a moment that the Oracle of Ottawa got the analogy. He immediately pictured Steve Harper of the 'Harper Government' freshly crucified on a cross covered in dilbit. The Oracle of Ottawa eagerly awaited the expected announcement by Joe Oliver that the staff of the United States Department of State are nothing but a bunch of foreign terrorists that have something against shitting in their own nest for fun and profit. But alas, the message never came. Perhaps old Joe lost his speaking points, and/or he simply forgot who he was again.

But upon pondering the announcement, the Oracle of Ottawa got the real message that the Department of State was really sending. And that message is; you are going to take NO for an answer, and we are also going to see you out of office as soon as possible! Yes indeed Dear Readers, the United States Department of State is now going with regime change against the pathetic 'Harper Government'. The lads deep in the Department of State know that the male types of the Harper line die around fifty something, and Hilary is soon going to be President of the United States. They just don't want Jason Kenny showing up at Hilary's inaugural ball with his mother as his date.  

The United States Department of State simply want the stylish and oh so hot Justin Trudeau as Prime Minster of Canada, and what the yanks want, the yanks get. And they certainly will love Justin and his hot wife Sophie in Washington, in or outside of the beltway, if you get the Oracle of Ottawa's drift. It is only a matter of time now Dear Readers. The tombstone of the 'Harper Government' will soon be rolled away, and the true Savior shall appear, first to all the ladies of course, because they can vote and they are so many more of them just men. Jason Kenney's Mom is off the hook.... 

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