Thursday, February 28, 2013

Volcanating At The Vatican

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it.
John, 1:5, NRSV

The Oracle of Ottawa can't help but compare the retired Popes exit to that of Richard Milhous Nixon, all those years ago. The big white elephant of a chopper lifting the powerful into a one time trip to oblivion. It is all so strange and smacking of weirdness. Rumors abound, the internet and social media explode in the search of the most likely causes. Well, the Oracle of Ottawa is not being led astray in the least. It all has nothing to do with prophecy, or strange goings on with the altar boys, which you have to admit is all a welcome change. The Oracle of Ottawa strongly suspects that it all has to do with power and money, mostly the money.  

Cardinal Reinhard Marx the long shot...

Has some large derivative trade gone terribly askew? Did the Popes barber stock tipping finally tank? What is it all really about? The Oracle of Ottawa wonders and wonders. Anyone who knows anything about papal conclaves, is that it surely is something that is impossible to rig. With such a large number of electors, with such diverse goals and backgrounds, you always are nearly sure of the best worst possible choice. The Oracle of Ottawa just has to refer the reader to the guy who today caught his last helo out of Rome. His Holiness must have felt like Mike "The Puffster" Duffy being the last journalist out of Hanoi! And rumor has it that the reason the CBC got him back after all was that the Vietcong paid the CBC an amount to take him back that was just too great to refuse.

Karl Marx had a lot of relatives?

Now the buzz in Canada is that some right wing wack-ball from Quebec is all getting hyped that surely he will be next. The Oracle of Ottawa hardly thinks so. It just isn't going to happen. It will all be very interesting, of that, the Oracle of Ottawa has no doubt. We really need an unexpected Dark Horse to blow everything up so to speak. And of course the Oracle of Ottawa has discovered his long shot favorite. He has deep ties to the actual creator(s) of the left! Why he may even be related, and therefore be rabinical in his recent background. All the way to the House of David. It all could be a real crimp in the Curia...  

The World could use a good steward of the vineyard about now. The more the Oracle of Ottawa see's, the more he likes Cardinal Reinhard Marx. I mean how many Cardinals have been known to don motorcycle leather and lead the annual "run"! The one thing that the Oracle of Ottawa would like to know is; Harley or BMW? Please leave a comment below....

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