Saturday, February 2, 2013

Jim Flaherty - Gone A Downer

They offered the elephants the juice of grapes and mulberries,
to arouse them for battle.
1 Maccabees, 6:34

It is perhaps a good thing that the Wee Jimmy has no enemies! He really should be very worried about his so called "friends"! One of whom the Oracle of Ottawa watched on the recent vulgar media, (CTV), gushing about how bad and unhealthy his good friend Jimmy seemed to be as the PMO announced his demise, temporary, of course, due to "health" problems and a disease even the Oracle of Ottawa cannot pronounce.

Sh**t, shovel, shut-up...
 It seems wondrous strange that Jimmy Flaherty, who is no friend of the Oracle of Ottawa, did not have the same friends over a year ago. The Oracle of Ottawa commented more than once at the failing vigor of the banty Minister in this very blog. Why the Oracle of Ottawa became very alarmed just after the horizontally challenged Member came back from his great trek to the Holy Land, along with John "The Bird" Baird. The Oracle of Ottawa put it off to watered down Irish whiskey mixed with too much "West Bank" water. Or perhaps the cuisine was all just too much or the most likely problem, having to be around John Baird for more than an hour at a time....

"Gone a downer" is a western cowboy term that describes a sick piece of livestock. When an animal of the cow kind gets sick it goes down and won't usually get back up - hence the term - gone a downer. Now we also know that the 'Harper Government' is run by Cowboy Rules: (i)Never complain, (ii)never explain, (iii)never admit your wrong, (iv)never apologize, and, of course, (v)ride for the brand!

It all started so well didn't it? The Wee Minister thought Ottawa would be like Whitby, Ontario. And the Wee Jimmy was a big fish in Whitby! And then as the problems of the whole (real) world started to take hold, the Wee Minister soon came to realize that the Adam Smith platitudes that have gotten him so far, in reality, of the real world, don't work worth fuck! It was all so hard to face and deal with. The wheels actually really started to come off in Davos Switzerland a while back, remember that weird interview? Then the Wee Minister saw John 'The Bird' Baird crash and burn at the UN. The lads at the PMO really tried to right the ideologically beached  whale, but alas, to no avail.

So it all came down  to the Western Version of the Final Solution. Shoot, Shovel, and Shut-up....   

 Tony 'Two Tier' Clement helps the PMO to pat down the earth... Remember, the bloating starts first, and then the wheels fall off. There will be about a half dozen, to a dozen more of these 'Final Solutions' before the next election, which will be way before 2015.... 

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