Sunday, February 10, 2013

'Harper Government' - Stupid Bites Back

Costly followers are not to be liked; lest while a man makes his train longer, he makes his wings shorter.
Sir Francis Bacon, Essay XLVIII - Of Followers And Friends

It doth wax wondrous strange to the Oracle of Ottawa, how upon the events of the passing week, that anyone can be of the opinion that Ottawa is a boring town! It all got started with the slow but persistent boil of the matter of one rather rotund newbie Conservative Senator that was having a wee bit of trouble proving that he was in actual fact a resident of a certain small Maritime province that he was recently entrusted to represent. Which was all rather awkward in the face of the fact that he diligently claimed for his residence allowance for as long as he has been sitting in the Senate of Canada.

Senatus Populsque Romanus

But the above matter paled in significance, when latter in the week, the Oracle watched in bemusement at the vulgar medias coverage of yet another newbie Conservative Senator that ran afoul of the local civil power in the matter of a routine domestic disturbance call. As the footage played out on the screen, the Oracle of Ottawa realized immediately that the matter was indeed going to much more serious, due to the fact that the Police do not tape off domestic disturbance calls, but rather, they usually as a rule, only tape off crime scenes. And sure enough, as night turns to day, as a dropped writ falls to the ground, the observational powers of the Oracle of Ottawa again proved their worth, as news leaked out that the said newbie Senator would be gracing the presence of a certain Quebec jail cell for an overnight visit, one that would certainly not incur any free frequent flyer miles.  

Of course the "State Broadcaster", the good old CBC, had a field day with all the recent "alleged" indiscreet events. Other matters were raised in the case of one ex "retired" CBC talking head from Bloated Floater, Saskatchewan, also a Conservative Senator, who it was ventured had not been home since she left the fine town to leave it all those decades ago. And of course there was the one straggling Liberal Senator from Ottawa, (Who you would think should have known better), who was appointed to represent Ottawa and the defined environs, as he tried to claim a second residence! Did the Oracle of Ottawa hear that right? He was laughing rather heartily at the time...

A Canadian Prime Minister is a lot like an American president, in that, he is invested with great powers! In theory the Prime Minister can appoint nearly anyone to a Senate seat, but in practice, no he cannot, and the events of the last week in Ottawa have surely proven that, haven't they?

The Oracle of Ottawa will allow Charlie Angus of the young and up and coming NDP to explain some of the other fine details from the safety and immunity of the House of Commons....

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