Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Employment Insurnace Police - The Finley's Are Coming?

Wives are young men's mistresses; companions for middle age; and old men's nurses.
Sir Francis Bacon, Essay VIII - Of Marriage And Single Life 

Ho! Ho! And the Oracle of Ottawa told you so, over a year ago now, Dear Reader, that the fascism would be coming thick and strong. And here we are again! The Oracle of Ottawa can hardly believe it; the 'Harper Government' is actually sending lowly CR's out in to the field to randomly knock on the doors of unemployed Canadians! And to add insult to injury, they are told not to return until they have found $485,000 dollars worth of fraud or "else".

MS. Dogbert??

But the Oracle of Ottawa must report the true master plan or rather the "final solution" that is only at present floating about Ottawa as a mere rumor. The present outpouring of "inspectors" is the traditional first thin wedge under the door. If this doesn't get stopped and / or none of the little "inspectors" don't get lynced and tarred, the 'Harper Government' already has step two in the works! And it has been passively reported to the Oracle of Ottawa that that step will include a full uniformed Employment Police Force, to be soon known as "The Finleys",  with cars and all, that will daily go out and come to your house or wherever the unemployed miscreant is to be found and you will be forcibly dragged and delivered to the local burger joints and assorted big box stores! Of course, from which, there is no return...

It is all rather a sad state of affairs. The Oracle of Ottawa can't imagine having to deal with a hairy assed Cape Brettoner after twelve pints (i.e. around 10:00a.m.) somewhere out in the metropolitan area of Glace Bay, Nova Scotia! Somehow, the Oracle of Ottawa feels that the 'Harper Government' will not be able to draw a line under this one as an unfortunate error and hope that Canada will allow then to get on with it.

Well, from watching Question Period recently, it does not seem to be going at well for the pin headed small town hick that has the great misfortune to be named Diane Finley! The Oracle of Ottawa finds it all an outrageous hoot when under intense grilling from the head of The Royal Opposition, she starts to lose her voice, as her throat constricts in absolute fear. Yes, the Oracle of Ottawa "wags" like Dogbert every time he watches the so called "Minister" start to fold and wither away. The Oracle of Ottawa strongly suspects that she will soon fold up like the wee banty finance minister, the wee Jimmy Flaherty. 

It is all sweet days from now on folks. In closing, the Oracle of Ottawa must relate the latest joke circling about in Ottawa at the present....
Q: How does a woman become a cabinet minister in the 'Harper Government'?
A: Easy! Just screw a Senator....

Diane Finley circles the bowl...Enjoy!! Can't find where the Senators live?? Stop your killing me!! LOL!!

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