Saturday, February 2, 2013

Jonathan 'Jethro' Genest-Jourdain - Scrub Up!

If you love to listen you will gain knowledge,
and if you pay attention you will become wise.
Sirach, 6:33,

The NDP is so close to power that even the Oracle of Ottawa can taste it! Now the Oracle of Ottawa knows a few things, having lived for over half a century so far. The Oracle of Ottawa knows that young Members of Parliament make a decent wage. They also always get a media "boot camp" when they first enter the House. But should the NDP handlers be cutting corners by not running a "media image camp"?

Jonathan prepares for Question Period....
 A very good example of this has caught the Oracle of Ottawa's eye lately in the form and visage of one Jonathon Genest-Jourdain. Now that suit that he has been wearing (see video clip) of late was once in fashion. I believe the last time was that wedding in Matane, Quebec on that long weekend in 1989! God! And those sideburns were all the rage back in the 1970's! But it seems that the young member has discovered another MP perk, all that good grub in the MP's Cafeteria... Ole Jonathan seems to have been really helping himself. That favorite suit of his now fits like Jethro Bodines graduation suit from the sixth grade!

And could some one from his office inform the young member that he can also get a subsidized haircut right near where he goes to stuff his face? The Oracle of Ottawa suspects that the little pretty boy doesn't let anyone but his Mom cut his hair at the communal Igloo back in his riding. So it may require the assistance of Yvon Godin and Charlie Angus to go with him for his first haircut in the big City! Yvon could comfort the young Member while Charlie installs the baby seat in the barber chair. The crying and screaming will no doubt be pretty loud, so the Oracle of Ottawa suggests that the barber be told to be fully stocked with lots of lollipops...

Scrub up buddy! We will work on your "coming out" latter...

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