Sunday, February 3, 2013

Prisoners Union Of Canada? - Sign Me Up!

 Unions make gains when they are militant and creative.
 Errol Black, Jim Silver, Building A Better World - An Introduction To Trade Unionism In Canada, p. 171

Life is a lot like a stochastic process. It is a random process of events. And these processes have fat tails. It is all just fancy way of saying shit happens, and never forget that this shit could also happen to you. Allow the Oracle of Ottawa to demonstrate. You have as about as much of a chance of being a successful entre-pren-whore as you do of having the misfortune of serving twenty five to life in a Canadian prison! Allow that to sink in, ponder that, and tell the Oracle of Ottawa if it isn't true.

Does this work all the time for everybody or what?

Where does it say in the Canadian Constitution and / or the Charter of Rights, that if you have the misfortune to be incarcerated, that you are automatically somehow less of a Canadian? Has the Oracle of Ottawa missed something? Or is this all part of the Preston Manning bullshit of the falling to the right? How is it that as the Oracle of Ottawa watches Question Period, he gets the feeling that if you are a Canadian stranded in a barred shit hole abroad, the present speed of the assistance of the Canadian government will depend if you ever spent time, for whatever reason, in a Canadian prison, and if you have, well your a die hard criminal and you deserve to rot where you are! Not true? What about that potato farmer from New Brunswick?

The Oracle of Ottawa was very surprised that the attempt of a bunch of prisoners out West in British Columbia were refused the right to organize! Every time the Oracle of Ottawa climbs into his nice new car he can't help but see the Ontario license plate. And I always get that queasy feeling of the knowledge that that plate was made by a prisoner somewhere close to me, and he did not and still does not get at least minimum wage for his or her work. What kind of society do we really live in? Just asking....

Prisoners Union of Canada - Local No. 1

After the shock and the amazement of the utter balls of the inmates, the Oracle of Ottawa wondered why the CLC, the Canadian Labour Congress has not yet made a peep? I mean they only have the connections to over three million union members. And Bill C-377 is sitting in the Senate all but in and done to final passage. This bill is a crafty Conservative Party Of Canada version of American 'Right to Work' legislation. It will keep every Canadian so busy and use up so much resources that in the opinion of the Oracle of Ottawa, it will all but put organized labour out of  business in Canada. 

What better time then the present to organize some new members? There have been many attempts to organize the hamburger joints and the box stores, but these entities are monsters of bottomless cash resources. Why doesn't big labour send the 'Harper Government' a real message and send some burly Teamsters, and some militant auto workers and for good measure some hairy assed Steel Workers to get every prisoner in Canada signed up? What the fuck is there to lose? One last defiant act!

Could you just imagine the shower of shit this would cause? Could you just imagine Vic 'The Dick' Toews and Rob 'The Knob' Nicholson having to stand up in the House in Question Period to report on the progress of the Prisoners Union of Canada first contract negotiations? With the full Canadian Rand Formula of course... Now that would be priceless! And we won't stop there would we? How many people are unemployed in Canada at any one time? And having a hell of a time to get their rightful UI money. Do you see where this all going? Then we could do all the welfare recipients, across Canada. Everyone deserves representation don't they? Don't they?

 Face it folks. Pretty soon all we are going to be left with is the Ashes and the Rain....

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