Thursday, October 22, 2015

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau - The Darkness Lifts

Democracy is always on the move. It is not a finished performance, only a set of actions that are always in rehearsal.
John Keane, The Life And Death Of Democracy, p. 867

The Oracle of Ottawa had been looking forward to October 19th, 2015 for the last four years, most every day. The Voter Identification cards came in the mail early, and were hanging on the fridge door in the kitchen. Truth be told, the Oracle of Ottawa was just dying for the day to arrive, so that I could finally plant another stake through the heart of the dreaded 'Harper Government'.
Talk about false flag blow back!!
  The wife and I planned the whole day out. We would vote at 9:30 a.m., first in line as per usual. Then we would drive up to Arnprior, to a favorite eating spot for an excellent breakfast, and then slowly home to await the results.

When the day finally arrived it had something special about it. We were out the door at 9:15 a.m. and at the parking lot of our polling station of nearly 30 years when I realized that this day would be more than special. For the first time ever, in my memory, there was a line up at the door! There were every kind of Canadian. All the appliances of a life were in attendance. A double wide carriage containing twins, a motorized wheel chair and a over 90 year old gentleman pushing a walker! And unlike Joe Oliver this guy knew what day it was and where and why he was at.

The doors opened right on time, and I was in shock that there was some one standing in front of me and several people standing behind me at Poll 40. This is the first time that this has happened in nearly 30 years. Things were a little slower this time, not the usual 90 seconds of the past, but rather 32 minutes. There were 'old style' Canadians and much to my surprise recent and very very recent Canadians, with brand new shiny Landed Immigrant Cards of which the lamination hadn't had time to fully cure. And even more shocking, there was an Asian, and two women in Hajibs!! Damn, that Harper really pissed off a lot of people.

Later in the day the wife and I closed up in front of the flat screen to watch the results. After Atlantic Canada there were phone calls in utter amazement and shock coming and going from the secure bunker. The Oracle of Ottawa was in a daze. There are 32 seats in Atlantic Canada and the young Justin just won them all!! I never saw that in my life, and I could not have predicted it in my wildest dreams.

Then at 9:30 p.m. the whole world changed. The polls in Quebec and Ontario closed, and the results would be coming in fast. And they came in as a red Liberal wave. The Liberal numbers just kept going higher and higher. In no time at all the Young Justin was past 120 seats, leading and elected, which was the dreamed for minority goal, but they didn't stop... After about another thirty minutes the Liberal number was over 170 seats. A flat out majority!! It finally closed off at 184 of 338 seats, the most incredible campaign performance that the Oracle of Ottawa has ever witnessed.

And to top it all off, he did something that his famous father never did in a whole lifetime of public life, Justin won seats in every province and territory of Canada!! No one will ever be able say that he  isn't ready.....   

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