Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Syrian Crisis Silver Lining

Naked power wielding can be neither transactional nor transforming, only leadership can be.
James MacGregor Burns, Leadership, p.20

At the time of this writing, the European Union's population is over 500 million people, spread through 28 member states. There has been a lot of talk of late of how it is not going to survive. How there are just too many different ethnic groups to get past their differences, not to mention the task of getting past the past. The Oracle of Ottawa has never put too much weight on that kind of defeatist talk. Due to its radical make up and brilliant framework, the European Union is probably the strongest group of nation states in the world today since the Roman Empire.
The European Union proves its 'metal'...
 The Oracles early beliefs got an immeasurable lift this morning while watching his local cable news channel. The first reports that Germany had thrown open the doors to the influx of Syrian refugees greatly made the Oracles day. I even have a theory how it may have happened behind the scenes. Europe is a very old place. There exist within it many ancient and noble families of nearly unimaginable lineage. Many of them know that they have had many relatives that went on the N'th Crusade at some time in the Middle Ages, never to return. Then it dawned on someone, that the descendants of their long lost relatives were now at their very gates. Then the breaker tripped.

However it came to happen, the Oracle of Ottawa wishes to extend his most heartfelt congratulations to the parties involved. It is the middle of the Labour Day weekend here in Canada. We are in the middle of a very bitter and ugly Federal General Election. For the last ten years we have been suffering under a neo-con wack ball right wing revolution in the form of the 'Harper Government'. Since the opening of the gates in Europe this morning the polls and the opinion surveys have put the 'Harper Government' in deep third place from first place. The people are in the streets in Canada, from one end of it to another. And that is something that hardly ever happens.

Who ever made the decision to throw open the gates, must know that the decision will have far reaching positive consequences here in Canada and in turn, later on for the European Union. It is certainly going to help a nice young man by the name of Justin Trudeau become Prime Minister of Canada on October 19th, 2015. The EU will finally be able to deal with someone with more than half a brain when it comes to the weighty matters of Canada - EU affairs. Discourse and engagement will be returned, hopefully along with Canada's past reputation. And he promised to fast track the influx of Syrian refugees into Canada starting on day one, to the tune 25,000 in the first year, plus the fast tracking of the community private sponsorships which will probably add up to way more than 25,000.

 Hell, one hundred thousand Syrians spread across Canada wouldn't even be noticed. Along with the infinite water, snow, rocks and trees, we have tons of open room. Then I figure that the British Commonwealth nation members will all get on the band wagon, in five ten years we will be wondering what all the fuss was originally about... As the Oracle of Ottawa wraps up this small missive he is listening to Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 on You-Tube, the Karajan recording of course, and he knows with complete certainty that their is nothing that Western Civilization cannot 'sort'.  

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