Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wee Jim Flaherty Cashes His Check! (Good Riddance)

It seldom happens, however, that a great proprietor is a great improver. 
Adam Smith, The Wealth Of Nations, Book III, Chapter IV

The greatest thing about the resignation of Wee Jimmy Flaherty is that the Oracle of Ottawa will never again have to look up the spelling of the word leprechaun! Canada did not survive the present turbulent past because of the Wee Jimmy, it survived despite him. And as long as the wee banty "want to be" lives, the history books will never allow him to forget it.

Wee Jimmy bails - Good Riddance!!

The Oracle of Ottawa knew we were in trouble way back around 2008, when the Minister proudly admitted during a press scrum that he never owned a stock in his life! He didn't fool around with stupid, dodgy, risky things such as that. Yes Dear Reader, lining up to buy your piece of Canada is for losers as far as the Wee Jimmy was concerned. The Oracle of Ottawa has always held the contrary view. And unlike the Wee ambulance chaser, he was able to retire at the age of 53. The Oracle of Ottawa has always believed in Canada, and has put his money where his mouth is at every opportunity. While some people with an excellent Ivy League education have to whore them selves out constantly to secure their place at the public trough.

The news of the momentus climb down came just after the stock markets closed at 4: 00 p.m. (E.S.T.) It has been reported by the 'State Broadcaster' the beloved CBC, that the wee banty minister phoned around to all the people that he thought would give a shit about his bailing after the close of the market yesterday. Well, it seems that the market has decided, it closed up over 137 points, increasing in value nearly by one whole percentage point! Yes Sir, Mr. Market is certainly sad to see the we banty minister off.

The actual reality is that Jim Flaherty was one of the, if not the worst, finance ministers in the history of Canada. Canada, again, survived, not because of Jim Flaherty and the 'Harper Government', it survived despite the 'Harper Government' and solely because of other greater men that have come before, and put in place a system so strong that not even idiots of the likes of Harper and Flaherty could do no lasting damage to it. There has been no Canadian politician that has such an ability to soil himself and our nest in public at every opportunity.

You keep hearing about that skin disease, the causes of which the Oracle of Ottawa are convinced are not physiological but rather pathological. The wee banty minister, was right from the start, in way over his head. He did not have a clue how the world really worked. All his right wing platitudes that he lived by all his life were proven in his time in office to be completely and utterly wrong and without foundation. That kind of reality check is not taken too well by fragile right wingers that confuse a bull market with their brilliance.      

The Oracle of Ottawa suspects that it all came to a head over the Christmas break last. Pondering the plummeting poll numbers and having the significant other call him Justin at a rather inopportune moment made up the wee ministers mind. There was certainly no way he was going to be in the House of Commons when the next Liberal government finds all the running fetid shit that has been swept under the carpet while he was running the watch...

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