Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Rogers Communications - A Disintegrating Business?

You can replace lies with truth: but myth is only displaced with a narrative.
Nassim Nicholas Taleb, The Bed Of Procrustes, p.20

At the time of this writing the time showing on my Rogers cable box is 'dnld'. It has been doing that all day. What a nightmare piece of shit that purchase turned out to be! And of course the Oracle of Ottawa was stupid enough to actually buy his own box! At the time of the purchase of the Sony HD flat screen, the Cisco Explorer box cost me a whooping $225.00. To replace it today, it will cost over $300.00. Screw that, and Screw Rogers!

HDTV is free! Don't pay for it from Rogers

It was a  little over two years ago that the Oracle of Ottawa finally upgraded, and at first the Oracle truly enjoyed it. You could then surf through the channels at lightning speed. It was great value and a great experience. Then on last Labour Day weekend, it was a Friday, I remember it all so clearly, the Oracle returned home to see 'dnld' on the digital box screen. I turned the set on, and the nightmare started. You could no longer surf through the channels at lightning speed. All the cool information that was once on the set top box screen vanished. And you could no longer do a channel set up. With the cable package that the Oracle of Ottawa has there was about 200 channels spread out from 1 to 999. Try surfing through 1000 clicks to get to the channel you want to get to! The channels that you don't have you could once block out with an automatic set up. Now you have to suffer through an on purpose time delay installed pause in the new software that tells you that you don't get that channel, and to call to get that service! Screw that! And Screw Rogers!

When the Oracle of Ottawa called in this problem in he was in a total rage. What do you think happened Dear Reader? I had a third world packie piece of shit Temporary Foreign Worker actually laugh at me! Screw that! And Screw Rogers!

What would the sense be in replacing a $225.00 digital set top box with a $500.00 set top box that is still a piece of shit worse than the $225.00 box? If you don't believe the Oracle of Ottawa see any of the Rogers Forums online.

But there is an answer Dear Reader. Just quit giving Rogers and the adjoining scum your money, that's right, cancel your cable. And don't even think about that "wireless" (it ain't...) TV from Bell, if there is any communication company in Canada that is lower than Rogers, it is Bell Canada. The answer Dear Reader is to go OTA, which stands for Over The Air. The Oracle of Ottawa first discovered OTA while at my local Sears store. I asked the young lad where he was getting that awesome HD signal that was on a huge 65 inch Sony flat screen and he pointed to the TERK rabbit ears and adjoining Yagi array! The Oracle of Ottawa could not believe it! The reason that OTA is so much better is that it is not compressed. There is nothing as pure and as perfect as uncompressed HDTV. You can't buy it from Rogers at any price. The Oracle of Ottawa was inspired.

The next day the Oracle of Ottawa went to a local Home Hardware and purchased a Northvu NV20 PRO antenna. Took it home, hooked it up and put it in the window and scanned. Much to the Oracle of Ottawa's amazement, he got 15 pure HD channels! And you could surf through them like greased lightning. And of course uncompressed HD is just beyond words. Try it for yourself. The Oracle is planning to get the booster amp, and that will be all the Oracle of Ottawa requires.

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