Sunday, March 16, 2014

NORTHVU NV20 Pro - Ottawa South - OTA Summary

The worst damage has been caused by competent people trying to do good; the best improvements have been brought by incompetent ones not trying to do good.
Nassim Nicholas Taleb, The Bed Of Procrustes, p. 89

Ever since the Oracle of Ottawa has found out about OTA or over the air HDTV reception, he has been on a mission. Perhaps it was all for the good that my Rogers Communications CISCO HD set top box died at less then 36 (much less...) months of service. Perhaps it is all for the good that Rogers overwrote my set top box software that stopped me from that pleasurable surfing that I once so much enjoyed. It has shaken the Oracle of Ottawa up, and he is determined to cut the cable company cord for good and forever.

Northvu NV20 Pro - (Waterman Pen not included..)

The Oracle of Ottawa purchased his first OTA HDTV antenna at a very posh and handy specialty tech shop, known to the Oracle of Ottawa as Home Hardware. There were several models on offer, and the Oracle of Ottawa had a bit of a choice. After reading the small print on the boxes carefully the Oracle of Ottawa selected the Northvu NV20 Pro, mostly because Northvu is a Canadian company, (based in Ottawa! who knew?), and that the design was so compact and elegant the Oracle of Ottawa knew the significant other would allow him to (a) bring it into the secure bunker, and (b) to keep it because it is so cute.

The handsome piece of gear came with very clear and easy instructions and a lot of cable that allowed for major experimentation in final placement. The setup was a snap and the Sony on board system was very easy to use. Did the scan a number of times, experimenting with placement etc. Finally the sweet spot was discovered in my sun room window, about four feet behind the Sony flat screen. With the unassisted NV20 Pro, the Oracle of Ottawa has gotten up to 15 channels! Honey cancel the cable!! So as a public service the Oracle of Ottawa has decided to list the 13 strongest stations that he can receive. In channel order.

CBOT - DT  Channel 4.1 - CBC Ottawa - 165 kw

CIII - HD Channel 6.1 - Global Toronto - Repeater located at Camp Fortune Quebec

CIII - SD Channel 6.2 - Global Toronto - 100kw

CBOFT - D Channel 9.1- French CBC Ottawa - 3.5kw

CHCH - HD Channel 11.1 -  Hamilton - repeater located south of Greely Ontario...25kw

CJOH - DT   Channel 13.1 - Ottawa CTV  affiliate, 19kw

OMNI2         Channel 14.1 - Repeater south of Greely Ontario, 15kw

TVO              Channel 24.1 - Repeater south of Greely Ontario, 95kw

CIVO - DT    Channel 30.1 - Gatineau repeater, 300.2kw

CHOT HD     Channel 40.1 - TVA - Gatineau, Quebec, 111.4kw

CTS-HD        Channel 42.1 - Cross Roads Television, Praise The Lord!

CHRO           Channel 43.1 - CTV2, Pembroke Ontario, repeater in Ottawa, 50kw

OMNI1         Channel 60.1 - Diversity TV, repeater in Ottawa, 15kw

Now all these stations are had with the unassisted Northvu antenna. Not too shabby. The Oracle of Ottawa ponders what difference a Winegard LNA-100 ultra low noise booster amp would lead to. The Oracle of Ottawa should try that and report back.

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