Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Jim Flaherty - All Rainbow, No Gold

They walked in silence along the sea that grows no crops.
Homer, The Iliad, Book I.316, Barry B. Powell translation

Well, the Oracle of Ottawa  lost his money in the coffee circle pool. The Oracle of Ottawa took the side that bet that the wee banty finance minister of the 'Harper Government' would not rise to his seat and deliver the 2014 Action Plan Budget. The Oracle of Ottawa was going on the condition that he saw the Minister in during a media clip from the Christmas break last. The Oracle of Ottawa was sure it was double pneumonia, and wagered accordingly. But all in, it has been horrendus to watch the decline of this man in the last brief while.

Wee Jimmy - All Rainbow, No Gold...
 It all seemed to start after that pre exploratory trip for the big vagrants tour that happened last January, in one of the accursed sand spit states of the middle east. It seemed to the Oracle of Ottawa that the wee minister suffered some kind of reaction to the food and / or the residents. Or perhaps it was ideological, when the minister finally learned the real reason for the trip. On being informed that there was to be a hunt for the next Messiah and something called the 'million dollar shot' the poor wee minister went into his swan dive swoon. There was a huge discussion at the 'Harper Government' cabinet table when the wee finance minister announced that it seemed that to him Canada had already found its Savoir, and the Prime Minister looked at him every day in Question Period! Not wanting to offend the Gods, the Oracle of Ottawa will not name the Promised One, but I am sure you will have no problem guessing on your own.

After hearing all the tough talk from the Conservative Bund, prior to budget, the  the Oracle of Ottawa was shocked at the absolute non event of the whole budget speech. The Oracle of Ottawa has never heard such a milquetoast barf of drivel in many a year. The Oracle of Ottawa has been assured that it rivals the days of R. B. Bennett. But the Oracles staff is still checking into that, at the time of this writing.

And then the hapless wee minister blew up on the media trot today, by stating that income splitting would not be the way to go in 2015, when the hoped for billions are slated to appear. And the Oracle of Ottawa was in full agreement with the minister on this one. Income splitting is regressive, in that it only serves the vested interests of the highest income earners. Yet the majority of Canadians are shocked that the core of the 'Harper Government' Bund is totally set on it. The Oracle of Ottawa has been given the answer to the problem Dear Reader. And you won't believe it! It seems that income splitting has been promised to the hard right Christian wack balls so that they could keep their wives from the Phillipines and other mail ordered third world countries at home and pregnant in the hope that one of them will give birth to the promised Messiah! You can't make this insanity up. Just ask Jason Kenny himself....

Then there is the small and rapidly growing problem of the Canada Job Grant, that the greasy fat monsters such as Jason Kennedy sells as the partnership of government and business to provide job training. The only problem with this is that on very close inspection, it comes to greatly resemble indentured labor! And hence of course it is not constitutional in Canada! No one is picking this up, yet, since it has been over one hundred years at least that we had indentured labor in Canada. But some young union lawyer will pick up on it and the Supreme Court challenges will soon be launched, effectively killing the monstrous low evil program. And no doubt one hopeful future Conservative leaders bid for front seat at the trough...

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