Saturday, February 15, 2014

'Harper Government' - Income Splitting Decoded

Your own life is not long, but death already stands close beside you,
Homer, The Iliad, Book 16.847, Barry B. Powell translation

The Oracle of Ottawa thought he would never live to see it, but as a reward for my wild misspent youth, the Gods have allowed the Oracle to live so long, and have allowed the Oracle of Ottawa to have witnessed a representative of the far right wacko C. D. Howe Institute actually agree with a representative of the the far left wacko Broadbent Institute on a political matter of great importance to all Canadians. The Oracle of Ottawa swears he again felt the very Earth tremble, yet again.

What income splitting will really buy...

It is of no doubt to the Oracle of Ottawa that once the words were out of the mouth's of the far right and the far left spokesmen, there immediately came the next thought; if I am not the patsy, and you are not the patsy, that simply means that we are both doomed! That is a pretty safe conclusion for all Canadians to arrive at in this turbulent time, and a pretty good indication of the chaos and or evil plans that are being deployed against us, one and all, by the 'Harper Government'.

As the Oracle of Ottawa has already mentioned, income splitting will only be to the advantage of about 15% of present Canadian taxpayers. It will be unsustainably expensive, at over at least 3 billion dollars a year. But aside from the actual economic cost, it will have even graver social effects. It will curtail the rights of women overall on the national level, and especially in 'Harper Government' strongholds. And you sheeple believed Rex Murphy when he told you, bald faced, that Steve Harper did not have a hidden and grave agenda! It will also go a very long way to the reintroduction of a systemic class system, that Canada since Confederation, has laboured  so hard to avoid. 

The recent "vagrant's tour" - more than a million dollar shot?

And as we are deep into the agenda of the majority government, we all know the 'Harper Government' algorithm by now, don't we? Slow gradual incremental change. After income splitting, allow the Oracle of Ottawa to tell you what will be next Dear Reader. All of a sudden the Conservative Party of Canada will be strangely in favor of Proportional Representation! Wait for it. And then ever so gradually after that, there will  be certain classes that will not have to pay any taxes, at all. And when the clarion of war sounds, that same class will be exempt from service, and all their spawn. Yes Dear Reader, income splitting is the first thin wedge of the creation of the ultimate goal of the 'Harper Government' secret agenda. A combined right wing religious theocracy! Now The Handmaid's Tale doesn't seem to far in the future at all, does it Dear Reader? That left wing piece of fluff in the personage of Margaret Atwood sure looks on the money at the time of this writing.

Another very strange event happened this week, that the Oracle of Ottawa in his wildest dreams never thought would come true. The Oracle of Ottawa was in total agreement with the wee banty finance minister Jim Flaherty on a number of points, pinch the Oracle, he must be dreaming. The first was the implementing of income splitting in Canada for any reason, save and except for seniors, and the other? The Oracle of Ottawa despises that bastard Jason Kenney as much as the wee finance minister does....

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