Sunday, February 2, 2014

Is Ben Heppner Finished?

Night has come. It is good to obey the night. 
Homer, The Ilaid, Book 7.286, Barry B. Powell Translation

At the time of this writing Ben Heppner is probably the most famous opera singer that Canada has ever produced. He has sung all over the world, and has performed darn near all the starring roles. He has won a ton of awards including seven honorary doctorates, and the highest level of the Order of Canada that a Canadian could possibly get. He also has an exclusive contract with Deutsche Grammophon, the poshest classical music label on Earth, and the oldest established surviving record label on Earth! All signs seem to point to a very successful career.

Don't ask me! I can't figure it out either...
 You would think that an opera singer with these bona fides would be constantly in the Gulfstream G650 winging his entourage from one great city to the next in an unabashed orgy of major earning power, like that old Italian guy did until he died, whose name at present and out of respect alludes the Oracle of Ottawa at the time of this writing. It seems that Ben Heppner has taken on a lesser job in the opinion of the Oracle of Ottawa.

On Saturday the Oracle of Ottawa does his coveted Saturday Routine, and while he his going from stop to stop, he has Saturday Afternoon At The Opera on the car radio. As of late the oracle of Ottawa is puzzled as to why and how someone like Ben Heppner is on the Oracles car radio as a mere host! Shouldn't I be hearing about Ben Heppner as he tours to packed recital halls, instead of hearing from him in a play by play from the deep subterranean basement studios of the CBC? What is up with that Dear Reader? What ever could be wrong with Ben Heppner?   

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