Saturday, February 22, 2014

'Harper Government' - Finds The Messiah!

What you should know, you will know before all other gods or men.
Homer, The Iliad, Book I.537-538, Barry B. Powell translation

You can see it all coming over the horizon now. Not even the Winter Olympics can stop the ratings for the young Justin as he throws the midwinter Liberal Party bash in Montreal this weekend. The Oracle of Ottawa dreams of the social whirl of an Ottawa with a young Prime Minister again, with a truly posh wife and young family. So much better than that pathetic present trophy wife that is dressed at Wall Mart. But don't worry folks, in a couple of months from now, it will be like the Conservatives never even existed. Just a bad dream, the rain that must fall between dynasty's. 

The Messiah has been found!!

The Prime Ministers Office was not doing itself or the Prime Minister any favors by sending Pierre 'Trailer Park' Poilievre out to the wee convention as a delegate for the Conservative Party of Canada. He was as out of place as a Montreal Road street walker at a New Testament Conference. But Trailer Park is as posh as the 'Harper Government' has. Besides, the punks in short pants at the PMO know this now, they know that anything they do, is just the same as campaigning for the young Justin Trudeau.

A million dollar shot for the Messiah...

The Oracle of Ottawa wonders why the 'Harper Government' even bothered last month to load up Con Air with over 200 of Canada's most virulent messiah hunters, as they took the vagrants tour to those sand spit middle east micro states to look for the messiah and to compare notes on what the plan would be when the fortunate godhead was found. Not that the Oracle of Ottawa has anything against that kind of exodus, it is just that it still smarts that the Oracle of Ottawa had to foot the bill with HIS tax dollars. But the word in Ottawa at the time of this writing is that there will be no more vagrant tours in the future, near or far. The Conservative Bund has finally come to the realization that the Messiah is right in their midst. And of course, in truly New Testament fashion, the next cornerstone was rejected out of hand by the present builders. Ain't it the way it always goes?

Well, the guys down at the local Chabad all agree that it has all been a hell of a run, G-d was really on their side for once. They scored more elevators and wheel chair ramps that ought to last until the next final judgement! The plane tickets back to the sand spit micro state are already booked, as are all the beach houses and cabanas. The only thing left to do is get someone in to sing the El male rachamim. Meanwhile, at the time of this writing, it is time to watch the young Justins speech once again, and to count out the last remaining days of the Hideous  'Harper Government'...   

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