Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Justin Trudeau Has Harper By The Balls!

In all things balance is better.
Homer, The Odyssey,  Book 15.71, Richmond Lattimore Translation

It was only the third day back from the world vagrant tour for the 'Harper Government' and that young Odysseus of the Liberal party of Canada otherwise known as Justin Trudeau has reached across the floor of the House of Commons and directly and firmly grabbed Stephen Harper of the 'Harper Government' firmly by the balls and in turn has gained control of the whole total agenda. Not too bad for the leader of the present Third party! And of course that is true as I have related it to you Dear Reader. Otherwise, why is today's Question Period not posted on the CPAC site as it is supposed to be? Yes, indeed, the prime Ministers Office has many friends among the corporate whores of the media companies that own CPAC. And when it all goes really wrong on any given day, you the tax paying public will just have to wait awhile to see the actual proceedings.

Justin 'Odysseus' Trudeau

It seems that they still teach Homer at that posh Jesuit high school that Justin no doubt attended, as has his great father before him, and it was also the school that Jean Chretien also attended many many years ago. And it just so happened that the young Justin was in attendance at the great Jean Chretien's 80th birthday party ever so recently. That Dear Reader is the difference between Justin Trudeau and the conservative scum. The conservative scum waits for the spin doctors and fart catchers to write their speaking points, while Justin Trudeau surrounds himself with the best and the brightest, just as his father did, and after taking the guidance of all the great men, stands up and simply acts. This quality is fully and totally beyond the mental horizon of Stephen Harper of the 'Harper Government'.

 One might ask how it all flew with the Canadian public at first glance. Well the Oracle of Ottawa found it all surprising that on a poll of Canadian viewers of Power and Politics in real time, natch, that over 97% of people polled agreed strongly with the young Justin's idea!  Now for all of us that know such things, the 'Harper Hapless Government' has never had one act in all their years in office that ever even came close to that level of approval. The only thing that they ever came close to achieving 97% in is fucking up! And of course in politics you can only usually do that just one time....

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