Monday, January 27, 2014

'Harper Government' - Same Sleaze Different Year

Let the mortals battle by themselves.
Homer, The Iliad, Book 21.465, Barry B. Powell Translation

Fresh back from the less than awesome Vagrants Tour, the grey domed (doomed?) eminence of the 'Harper Government' seemed to be be visibly miffed that the Royal Opposition seemed to be in no mood to drop by 24 Sussex Drive after work to take in all his holiday snaps from all the accursed sand spit micro states of the Middle East. And it seemed to this observer that the Prime Ministers going to church Wal-Mart suit jacket was bulging a bit at the buttons, it seems that kissing away all those white snot balls can be very fattening.

(and more snot balls!)

Question Period started off all civil for about five minutes, which scared the be'jesus out of the Oracle of Ottawa, but after that all the lads of the Opposition seemed to find the jugular just fine. One has to wait for the hounds to get into their stride after such a long break. It all scared the Oracle half too death, if Question Period were "civil" it wouldn't be any fun at all now, would it?

Of course we didn't have to wait long for exposure of some members of the 'Harper Government' to be exposed by the Opposition. One of the most humiliating occurred  when it was brought to the light of day that one Cheryl Gallant from up the Ottawa Valley was caught red handed about some charity site that happened to be somehow connected to the local conservative riding association, i.e. hers! It must have been very true as the punks in short pants from the Prime Ministers Office would not allow her to stand to her own feet and respond, the Question was half heartedly deflected by Pizza Paul Calandra! The Oracle of Ottawa has to ask himself and the people up in Renfrew County; how low can you go? That cabinet post again has faded far into the distance, and all on the first day back!

We also learned today that the once wee banty finance minister is going sneak a budget by Canadians on February 11, 2014 which is right in the middle of the Winter Games. As per usual one can safely surmise that there will be very things that will come as a surprise to all Canadians when they finally find out all about it! That is, of course, if the finance minister lives that long! The wee Jimmy seems to be morphing into an old Rob Ford. It is the strangest thing the Oracle has ever witnessed (so far). What the hell is up with that do you think Dear Reader?  

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