Sunday, January 26, 2014

'Harper Government' - Return Of The Suitors

I easily recognized him as a god by the trail he left when he went away. For it is easy to know a god.
Homer, The Iliad, Book 13.70-71, Barry B. Powell Translation

Fresh off the world vagrants tour, the Suitors of the 'Harper Government' return to the House and the Nations business, in our ice bound Ithaca. There to meet the 'Harper Government' will be the NDP's Telemachus, in the form of one Thomas Mulcair. The hot headed ideological son of of the great Odysseus, which all the people of the ice bound Ithaca await the return of, one fine day soon, any time now. The great Odysseus has taken the form of, according to all ice bound Ithacans who know about such things, the handsome and comely shape of a young ice bound Ithacan by the name of Justin Trudeau. Beguiling in appearance and matter, but very famous for his brilliance, guile, and overall polytropos. He is making his entrance as a beggar, only to some day soon rear the head of his Magus heritage to slay all the Suitors in an utter and devastating blood bath at the next called assembly of the people of ice bound Ithaca, which will happen no later then 2015, but probably sooner. The gods, as is well known, take on many shapes.

Suitors - the ultimate end...
 Meanwhile in the camp of the Suitors there is much unease, as the concept of the meaning of declining polling numbers bring to them the shadow of their ultimate fate and the eventual embrace of Hades dark and permanent gloom.  There is much nervous talk of the far reaching implications of the missed million dollar shots at the whaling walls of lands far far away. The best thing to do is to put off the sure to come day as long is possible by the careful use of spin doctors and allied fart catchers, and to rapidly increase the consumption and wasteful wanton destruction of the wealth and heritage of the fine people of the ice bound Ithaca,  while the going is still good.

As the Suitors writhe and twist in their beds and awake in cold nightmarish sweat realizing that the Suitor to their left and to their right could possibly eclipse there chances and cherished dreams of becoming the head Suitor all are beginning to realize the price that they are all soon going to have to pay....Cerberus howls in utter delight.

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