Thursday, January 30, 2014

Julian Fantino Gets Stomped

All the earth around laughed from the flashing bronze.
A din went up from the feet of the men.
Homer, The Iliad, Book 19.332-333, Barry B. Powell Translation

After watching Question Period today, the Oracle of Ottawa wonders how long it will be before Julian Fantino, the present Minister of Veteran Affairs, hears of his cabinet demise on the local media, as do all discarded under the bus ministers of the 'Harper Hapless Government' when they are deemed redundant. But the abrasive, dottering, early demented Minister will be able to call it all a hell of a run. From an inspection of the facts Dear Reader, you will also come to the conclusion that this actor has risen far beyond his level of competence. And that is as Christian as the Oracle of Ottawa can put it.   


It appears from publicly available information at the time of this writing, that the good Minister has never seen the inside of a high school, let alone a University! It is all pretty shocking to the Oracle of Ottawa that Julian Fantino started out as mall security guard! A plot right out of  The Trailer Park Boys. And yet, was somehow allowed to rise up to the key positions of leadership of Ontario's largest police forces. It all boggles the mind of the Oracle of Ottawa. It is not surprising that a cop could get by for all these years by essentially faking it, and Julian Fantino's life so far is proof it truly can be done.

Now most actors would have quit after rising to the top of the Ontario Provincial Police, which was paying over a quarter million a year! A shopping mall security guard. And  he came from outside the force! Have you checked the requirements just to be a constable in the OPP lately Dear Reader?  Julian Fantino would not have qualified to be a lowly constable on a northern Ontario dirt road. So in true management fashion they made him the chief! And the right wing wacko's bitch when the minimum wage is raised every four years!? And yet we have in Ontario medical doctors and Classics Professors driving cabs! Who runs Human Resources in this country? The Godfather?

The whole bottom line of the story is that you can't treat Veterans like a bunch of heads in a crack house dope raid. Why even the Mayor of Toronto at the time of this writing knows that. The Oracle of Ottawa has mentioned way earlier in this humble blog that this actor just wasn't going to last. And today in Question Period the dark gloom of Hades enveloped the doomed man, when he got called up by Thomas Mulcair. It wasn't pretty, but yet the Oracle enjoyed every moment of it. The video of the most aggressive stomping has been included above. You Dear Reader can be the judge.... 

There comes a time when all the easy low hanging nickels are cut and grasped and saved. Then you reach the point where the cost of removing the next nickel starts to incur unintended costs that far exceed the intrinsic value of the last nickel saved. This is a perfect example... 

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