Sunday, January 27, 2013

'Harper Government' - Just Follow The Crumbs...

There hope is in vain, their labors are unprofitable, and their works are useless.
Wisdom Of Solomon, 3:11, New Revised Standard Version,

You know it is the dying days of  a majority government, when coming back from the extended Christmas break is seen as more a relief than a chore. Anything, including, being fed on by the opposition, is better than standing by, back in the riding(s), as the grumbling keeps increasing from a drone to a roar. Who knew it would all come to this?

Resistance no longer futile?
 Even though Bill C-377 is all in and but done, it did not deter the awesome "steve" from digging into the slush fund of economic development and coming up with a few more ka'zillions for the union card carrying riff-raff! But the incredible haul and duty of wielding power is just like that, all in, at the end of the day. I mean really, just ask anyone at the Prime Ministers Office!

It was heart warming to the Oracle of Ottawa to hear of all the recent high quality Senate appointments made, oh so quietly, over the course of the Christmas break. The 'Harper Government' has turned the house of sober second thought into the house of sober second slobber! The Oracle of Ottawa rests assured that the great issues of the day can be met head on by a small town cheap nobody who's highest calling in life, (so far), has been to run a corner store!

It has occurred to the Oracle of Ottawa over the holidays, the reason why that the great "steve" does not want to attend any provincial premier meetings. What great prime minister wants to run the risk of the people of Canada finding out that the grandmothers are smarter than the man?

The Best and the Brightest?

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