Saturday, January 19, 2013

Canada In the Age Of Foad

If one is mean to himself, to whom will he be generous?
Sirach, 14:5

So, how is that small g, lowercase, government working out for ya? Not so good eh? The Oracle of Ottawa warned you often and early in this very blog. Many are wondering where the shit fed spiral to the bottom will end. But the Oracle of Ottawa tried, Lord, he truly tried, to warn you. The "thinking about thinking" project continues. And the Oracle of Ottawa is way beyond the search for the lost American Dream, he is at the very vortex of the meaning of the life, universe and everything!

Welcome to the age of fuck off and die!(foad)...

The study of the great texts, in their unabridged form has provided the Oracle of Ottawa with deep enlightenment. Now the Oracle of Ottawa is pondering the mysteries of language. And problems such as if a lion could talk why we would not be able to understand him! Of course such deep insight has lead to the Oracle of Ottawa creating a new word for the English language! Not only a new word, but it is also an acronym and a euphemism, a word that is all three at the same time!

That word is foad. Pronounced Foe - Add or foed. Foad stands for Fuck Off And Die. Foad is just so much quicker to say, and it can be said and or communicated out loud without offending other less knowledgeable parties. The Oracle of Ottawa is quiet proud of it, especially in that it is such an early attempt.
Yes indeed, it is a foad world today. Especially lately in Canada, USA, and Great Britain. It is essentially what our elected governments say to us all the time lately.  For example, when the 'Harper Government' passed legislation recently that raised the retirement age from 65 to 67, even though they could have lowered  the retirement age from 65 to 63, that is your government saying foad.

This of course extends to all levels of government lately. In the week past, the Oracle of Ottawa was appalled to learn from the vulgar media suppertime news that many residents in Ottawa Public Housing have been with out hot water for months, well that is your municipal government telling you; foad! Although the most vulnerable people in my patch are doing without hot water in the depths of winter, we are still going to some how shit in our own nest by bringing a state of the art gaming house to downtown Ottawa! And since the tenants in Ottawa Public Housing don't have hot water to do their laundry with, whole towers are being now carted away by the bed bugs! Foad. Hot water for the peasants is a mere luxury. But the City of Ottawa has recently signed off on the 2.1 billion dollar four engine trolley way. Yes you have been foed....  

The crossest man in Scotland; Jamie McDonald lives the meme of foad, and coins another new word that the Oracle of Ottawa wishes he had coined. Castastra - fuck! Now that is the perfect word for our times. (4:18)
Enjoy! (And yes he really did study to be a Jesuit in real life!) For all the people in North America you can check the meaning of the word hod here....

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