Saturday, January 5, 2013

Frack 'Dis!

3.Energy is Eternal Delight
William Blake, The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell, Plate 4

The Oracle of Ottawa has been hearing a lot of late all about that nasty gas frackking! It all seemed to really get going over the past Holiday season, with the release of that new Hollywood movie that is making the subject the next great social cause celebre! It seems that all the activity is going on in the Bakken Formation which is about the size of freaking France and straddles two countries, United States and Canada. From all the spin you would think Saudi Arabia fell through the Earth and appeared in Montana! How much oil is really down there and recoverable varies widely.

 But all the Oracle of Ottawa can tell you is, before you load up that U-Haul, think it all out. The Oracle of Ottawa regrets to inform all the oil tycoons who are convinced that this is going to last long enough to really and finally get theirs, are alas, probably sadly mistaken yet again. The Oracle of Ottawa predicts that the life of the Bakken and other locked gas formations have about the same life and future as thee Alberta tar sands. Maybe another ten years tops. Again it is all about Moore's Law. Moore's Law works in the oil patch just as good as it works on computer chips! I mean, who knew? What the Oracle of Ottawa is trying to tell you is that energy generation technology is getting ready to drop some serious break through'.

Some times the Oracle of Ottawa himself has a hard time picturing what the effect will be of $40 oil or less! But the vision of those multi billion dollar upgraders in the Alberta tar sands lying cold and dead being grown over by wild forests, yet still unpaid for, and with no hope of ever being paid for is a very recurrent vision of the Oracle of Ottawa. Remember, the Oracle of Ottawa tried to save you...

Now all this oil field insanity is even touching the Oracle of Ottawa! Why over the holidays the Oracle of Ottawa had much discussion with a distant brother in law that is discovering the economic Nirvanna of the Bakken Formation, since he has started catching the 'Calgary Flyer' for a certain oil field services company. And as the Oracle of Ottawa listened carefully, he made a cold mental note that there will be certainly one funeral that will be attended way before its time... But what is the Oracle of Ottawa to do, A lot of youngsters really believe that a dollar in your hand today is more now than in the future...  

Watch and learn, and think it all out if your smart enough to do so....

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