Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Stone For Justin Trudeau

One day your a boy, the next a man.
Harold Robbins, A Stone For Danny Fisher, p. 32

The Oracle of Ottawa must admit that when he first heard about  Justin Trudeau agreeing to a boxing match against a Tory Senator by the name of Patrick Brazeau, all the Oracle of Ottawa could hope was that someone in his office had the foresight to book a critical care bed at the DND Medical Center! From the first glance at the situation it appeared to the Oracle of Ottawa that Justin was just asking to have his heirloom jewels pounded up through his nose. The Oracle of Ottawa experienced  much quiet fear and loathing about the "Next Ones" immediate future.

Justin Trudeau - Too sexy for his shirt...

And then there was the announcement that the "Thriller on the Hillar" was going to get full spectrum coverage by Sun News TV! I mean the fix must have been in. How could even Sun News TV embarrass themselves so many time in a row? The day of the great battle loomed and the Oracle of Ottawa couldn't bring himself to watch or even listen. Then it was Sunday morning and the Oracle of Ottawa realized that he could no longer put off the bad news. Switching on the Sony EX620-40HD to the vulgar CTV news channel I awaited the present medical condition of the young Justin.

A young Wilfred Laurier....

Instead, much to the Oracle of Ottawa's surprise, the first video clip that was observed was some guy in red trunks just "bitch slapping" some guy in blue trunks! Me thinks that the wrong channel was inadvertently selected, but no, the young Justin handled himself and the situation with all the comportment of his dear old Dad, bless his soul. Then upon buying the Sunday Ottawa Citizen for the TV guide, and the cat box, I caught the front page story of the young Justin's stunning victory!

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree after all. The first memory that raced through my mind was his father kicking a reporter in the nuts when he wasn't being respectful enough in the great mans presence! That Pierre was a very seasoned citizen at the time made that occasion even more memorable. There is no doubt of course that this miracle of an event  will give the Liberal party caucus quite a lift. Lord knows they could use it.

Here is a "high light"  version of the miraculous pugilistic miracle. The Sun News TV version is no where to be found....

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