Monday, April 2, 2012

Failure Means You Are Just About There!

It is most important in creative science not to give up. If you are an optimist you will be willing to "try" more than if you are a pessimist.
Stanislaw Ulam, Adventures of a Mathematician, p.55

The month of March was very busy for the Oracle of Ottawa. The "Thinking About Thinking" project hit a rich vein.Yes indeed. I deployed elementary critical thought into a very elegant thought experiment, and then I postulated a very elegant hypothesis leading to a very simple lab experiment. The results were a total failure. 

Lorentz Transformation...

Many years ago when this happened to the Oracle of Ottawa he simply chalked it up to experience and moved on. This past algorithm has been wrong for all these years. This is what they teach in our schools and our universities. But, the Oracle of Ottawa had the recent self gained knowledge of the results of his intense "Thinking About Thinking" project to fall back on, this time. Instead of abandoning the idea totally, I turned the whole proposition on its head. Failure was turned into a very important, totally counterintuitive, discovery of the nature which is somewhat proprietary. The Oracle of Ottawa is still somewhat shaken at the nature of his discovery.

Quiet a lot of inspiration came from Stanislaw Ulam, and his book Adventures of a Mathematician. If you are involved or soon to embark on the creative sciences, I highly recommend it. You will find it endlessly inspirational. 

 It is the optimists that get all the glory. Even though they are not always the "smartest" or the most "gifted" people. On any given day the prize will go to the person, that will try one more time....

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