Saturday, April 28, 2012

'Harper Government' - Abortion - The Real Reason...

Of Heav'n arriv'd, the gate self-opened wide
On golden Hinges turning, as by work
John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book V, Lines 254-255 

It never ceases to amaze the Oracle of Ottawa how much the Conservative Party of Canada cares about you before you are born. Before you are born, you are a valuable human being, with all the rights that you won't have after you are born. Yes sir, the 'Harper Government'  cares about you!

Harper couldn't care less....

The concern of the minions of the 'Harper Government' are very clearly reflected in their actions. Let us recall the actions of the minister of International Development. Sent to foreign conferences to set the example to the world, she is too busy getting set up at a six star hotel and sucking up the $16.00 dollar orange juice while her ragged arse is dragged about in limo's at a $1,000 a day! Yes Sir! The 'Harper Government' cares about you, and your unborn children.

The gap toothed, mouth breathing, knuckle dragging members of the 'Harper Government' back bench can't seem to even grasp the concept, that if Canada had Scandinavian level social programs the abortion rate would probably fall to very near zero. One wonders if the 'Harper Government' is even aware who many "valuable humans" are aborted by mid-level female management trainees engaged by the local burger joint or the mega-box store, who have gotten knocked up by the boss, and can't even think of taking time off for something so mundane and unprofitable as having a baby. A bit of paradox there, what?

Yes Sir you are such a valuable treasured human being before you are born... But when you grow up and are trying to make a living to support your own born and unborn, that ragged slut of a Labour Minister will do everything to remove your rights as a worker. It would appear that the actions of the 'Harper Government' values some human beings more than others?

Let the Oracle of Ottawa get right to the quick. The 'Harper Government' doesn't give a flying rotary fuck about the "unborn". That pig-eyed, pillsbury fuck couldn't care less. This whole issue is all about choice. More specifically, that at present, the choice is yours! That is what this abortion issue is all about. If the scum sucking minions of the 'Harper Government' can get away with it, you will no longer have that choice. It is all so much clearer now isn't it?

 A classic demonstration for the free issuance of "morning after" pills......

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