Wednesday, March 28, 2012

'Harper Government' - The Pig Is In The Shredder

Always go to other peoples funerals, otherwise they won't go to yours.
Yogi Berra, The Yogi Book, p. 73

Well here we are dear reader. Starting tomorrow, the last shreds of the Canada that you have always known, will over the next few years, be gone forever. The Wee Jimmy provided all the symbolism that any rational, aware and thinking person required. There was the great man in a local Aldo shoe store getting his brand new pair of made in Asia, by sweated under paid labour, budget (?) shoes. The Oracle of Ottawa never wears made in Asia shoes. He only wears made in Canada shoes. Now if the wee minister was at Mark's Work Wearhouse getting himself a nice sensible pair of Terra work shoes, that are literally hand made in Canada, we could all have something to look forward to in that symbolic act.   

Wee Jimmy delivers Manifest Destiny...

Yes sir, the Conservatives are going to bring you their sacred dream, starting tomorrow. Government is going to be getting out of the business of government. Starting tomorrow you to will have the most treasured and coveted right of every Conservative; the right to fail all on your own. And after all the measures start kicking in on this great trek of personal liberation, we will all be but  guaranteed this most sure and sacred result. As the Oracle of Ottawa warned early and often in this humble blog, you will now work longer, pay more and eventually, maybe, if you don't die, get less. Which really exposes a very interesting paradox. You would think that if capitalism and free unregulated markets are so goddamn awesome, we should be expecting to have the retirement age lowered to age 60? Gee, the Oracle of Ottawa wonders if any one from the newly envigorated NDP will bring this up, when the front bench of the 'Harper Government' brain dead morons start on their capitalism and free markets are awesome kick. 

Starve, kill, privatize. That is the secret game plan. You will not have a democracy very long without a dedicated Civil Service. Besides, democracy with the right of free and collective bargaining and an open  level of active social discourse is just so inconvenient, isn't it? Especially when those bastard liberals (i. e. them...) with their big union bosses start throwing numbers around... Just fire the lot of the smug Eastern cock-suckers! Oh yes, you can be assured that many civil servants will be without a job after tomorrow. But after about two to six weeks after their terminations, they will be getting the call from the designated Alberta contractor, offering them their old jobs back at a little over minimum wage! Wait for it... Tomorrow around six o'clock the wee ministers cheap Asian shoes will be doing their job, biting like hell.

Whoa - Wee Jimmy! Not too heavy on that Lady Grecian, every body will think you are Stockwell Day!!

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