Sunday, September 14, 2014

Rex Murphy - Dying By The Franklin Curse

A right hand glove could be put on the left hand, if it could be turned round in four - dimensional space.
Ludwig Wittgenstein, Tractatus, Sec. 6.361111

Justin Trudeau at the time of this writing must certainly be at least 25 full percentage points in the lead of the last polls as favorite for Canada's next Prime Minister! It is the only explanation that the Oracle of Ottawa can come to explain the insane Franklin wheel spinning of the propaganda machine out of the Prime Ministers Office. In the last wasted decade of the 'Harper Government', the Oracle of Ottawa has never seen such desperation to date.

Howard Carter proved what he claimed to find...  
The propaganda has shifted from Canada's old war exploits to the tragic and doomed Franklin Expedition.  This is no doubt due to the bridge burning that has recently occurred with all of Canada's veterans, while out of one side of the Prime Ministers mouth he extolls the past victories and out of the other side he has cut just about every service that they have ever had! 

The ultimate insanity continued today on CBC radio, as nervous rex Murphy introduced today's topic of Cross Canada Check Up. What do you think of the incredible discovery of Franklins lost ship? That wasn't so bad, as the intro piece that no doubt the PMO wrote for him, that compared the discovery of this unknown and unidentified wreck as the greatest achievement since Howard Carter's discovery of King Tut's Tomb! The Oracle of Ottawa couldn't believe his ears!

Sir John Franklin - Note the resemblance...
The 'Harper Government' found an, as yet, unidentified wreck of a vessel that was of the same kind that was used by Franklin in his last expedition. There is no proof at the time of this writing that is actually one of the two lost Franklin ships. Although it is in only eleven meters of water and a Canadian warship was in the area, the 'Harper Government' for some strange reason did not see fit to drop a clearance diver over the side for a closer look, some pictures, and some canon serial numbers which would be definitive proof had they matched the records! Can you explain that Dear Reader?

And for the riffraff of the likes of nervous rex Murphy, Peter Mansbridge, and the ultimate scum of the 'Harper Government' to deface and smear a great man of the ilk of Howard Carter to further their pathetic propaganda ends makes the Oracle of Ottawa want to puke. Howard Carter claimed what he found. And unlike the scum of the 'Harper Government'  he was able to prove it at once to the world!

 Unlike nervous rex Murphy, Peter Mansbridge, and most of the 'Harper Government' the Oracle of Ottawa actually graduated from an Ontario high school, and unlike the previous named, the Oracle of Ottawa even went to college and graduated from that also! The Oracle of Ottawa has learned a few things.  The most important being that it is very dangerous to make bogus and or unproven claims in science, words, or law. No one in their right mind would even think of doing that. Why is the 'Harper Government' persisting in this unproven claim without any factual confirmation?

One thing is certain from the outcome of recent events. There are two contracts at the CBC that will no doubt not be renewed when the Trudeau Government comes to office.

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