Thursday, September 25, 2014

'Harper Government' - Just In Time War?

Better a handful of gratification
Than two fistfuls of labor which is pursuit of wind.
KETHUVIM, Ecclesiastes, 4:6, The Jewish Study Bible,  p. 1611

You would have to be living under a rock if you were in Ottawa, at the time of this writing, not to know that the 'Harper Government' and the Canadian right wing revolution are like two pieces of excrement circling ever closer to the center of the bowl at ever increasing speed. As the latest poll numbers come in, confirming the young Justin Trudeau as the 'Next One', the excremental centripetal forces are nearing the point of catastrophic failure.

Ask yourself: Who really created ISIS?

The 'Harper Government' is at the point where it is now forced to reap what it has sown over the last decade. The punks in short pants at the PMO and the Conservative war room have been having fits and many late nights as of late. Nothing seems to work anymore. The poll numbers show that the Canadian Public has tuned out completely, waiting for the writ to drop, or October 2015, which ever comes first.

The panic really set in when the Franklin false flag campaign totally failed when the overall Canadian response was; Prove it! That was when all the announcement videos on You Tube started to vanish. (See earlier posts...) The latest round of attack ads only caused another spike up in the Liberal Parties numbers. It seems that whatever action is taken, it is like going out and actually campaigning for the young Justin Trudeau! This is the worst nightmare to a spin doctor/fart catcher, as it signifies that the point of no return has long ago been passed and exceeded.

Something really desperate was required. And like magic and in perfect tune with the news cycle it appeared. The poor quality ISIS "audio tape" threatening Canada. Now the Oracle of Ottawa was not fooled for a moment with this one. ISIS is not a low budget operation, if that audio was real, ISIS would have made it into a video, and it would have been in full HD to boot!  Complete with soundtrack and score, not a half assed production by the Young Conservatives of Ducks Ass, Alberta! Ho HO!! As they say in baseball; " Got Heeeeemmmm".

Although the Canadian public caught on at once to the rickety ploy, the Conservatives just kept running with it. Just stick to the speaking points and stay on message. Without the approval of Parliament the desperate 'Harper Government' puked up Canadian boots on the ground, without even the Americans asking!  And while granting full media access to the Wall Street Journal (i.e. Fox News) hosted by Goldman Sachs, the chromed dome grise of the 'Harper Government' ran off at the mouth at the rate of over ten thousand words! And actually admitted that he lied to his own legislative body, when in the interview boasted (2:00) that Canada had the second largest force on the ground next to the United States! Which the Oracle of Ottawa was quick to notice would have be many more people than the lie of 39 persons that was sold to the Canadian media and the Canadian House of Commons!!

The best way to handle this rag assed ISIS uprising is to send in the drones 24/7. Put a phone number media campaign in the local television and radio media, that if you see black banners, call 1-800-PEST-Removal. The phone banks would be manned at CIA headquarters at Langley, and the targets listed and sent to Holloman Air Force Base. Where most if not all the drones are controlled from! Today there is simply no need for boots on the ground, you just set up a Face Book page! Too easy.

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